Marvin Minsky on Consciousness

Posted by on August 25, 2010 in Thoughts | 2 comments

This video struck me as a great example of the fact that all that happens and that we experience is interpreted by the brain. In an earlier blog piece I discuss the notion of the souls, and conclude that there is, in all probability, no soul. In this video Marvin Minsky speaks of much of what I was writing about in that post. Enjoy.

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  1. Loved the comment on magic and understanding at the end. We certainly are unaware of most brain processes (aware = mind= consciousness=the voice in our head and other sensations perhaps). In the vision example we only becoming aware of sub processes when one fails say due to injury and the integrated conscious experience of vision changes. The same applies for decision making we are effectively unaware of the “emotional unconscious processes” in all decisions and then the mind creates the rational justification. Perhaps we need to talk about the brain decides and the mind explains why it thinks the brain (conscious and unconscious processes) decided the way it did.

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  2. people are stupid

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