VS Ramachandran: The neurons that shaped civilization

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Mirror neurons are the most amazing part of the brain, which are one of the keystones to empathy within the human species. This talk by Vilayanur Ramachandran from TED shows how the brain is able to feel sensations that others are feeling, and to empathise with that. The talk is over way too quickly, however what he says in this talk is something I have talked about many times in this blog. The evolutionary advantage of mirror neurons and empathy have allowed us to increase our social skills to become the societies we are today. Indeed, this was a major turning point in human evolution. I would like to eve suggest that this was the beginning of our human civilisations and cultures.

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  1. I would continue from where you left off to argue that the human ability for empathy is the fundamental basis for a natural sense of morality. It isn’t a leap whatsoever. Fascinating topic.

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  2. By the way, your excellent blog has been added to my short blogroll. Cheers.

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