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I was digging around at Outreach Media’s archives of posters when I came across this little beauty from July of 2007. The caption reads:

“Another inconvenient truth – God has set a day when he will judge the world. Acts 17:31”

July 2007 - Another Inconvenient Truth

July 2007 - Another Inconvenient Truth

This is exactly the reason why I have a personal crusade against these guys. Not only are they spinning lies, but they are promoting these falsehoods as a way for them to recruit new people by saying that it’s a lost cause to try and save the world, because God has already decided when it will all come to an end! What rubbish!

From the article:

“If the former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore, has got the facts right in his documentary movie: “An Inconvenient Truth”, then our world is in big trouble. Human beings are causing climate change on such a scale that millions will die and many more will go hungry or be displaced.

“This movie is changing opinions around the world. Right now Governments are anxiously working out how to force their citizens to change their lives and go without all manner of luxuries. The pain of this change is much harder and more inconvenient now than it would have been years ago except that for years we’ve been in denial.”

Well there you go, they don’t go so far as to admit that climate change is real, or that there is a real danger in the way we treat this planet with such disdain, but they go on to say this:

“We’ve pretended that the world has unlimited potential to absorb all our toxic waste and pollutants or that what we do is insignificant or that someone else will fix the problem.”

So do they agree that climate change is real, that we do face a real peril, or do they not? It’s kind of hard to tell at this point, but let’s read on.

“There is “Another inconvenient truth” of far greater consequence than global warming the undeniable and stated promise of God’s coming judgment. We don’t need scientists to conduct lab tests to work out if it’s likely. We don’t need a clever movie to catch our attention. In the Bible God has simply declared it to be a fact.”

Ah-ha! Now we see the agenda! They are using popular cultural references to back up their own idea about the end of the world! They are using what is a real concern in our world to illustrate somehow that the end of the world is night, but just not the way you think it is. God has predetermined that we will all die on a certain date, or what we will be judged.

How do we know this? Because it says so in the Bible. How do we know the Bible is true? Because is says so in the Bible.

It really is quite a desperate move on behalf of Outreach Media to use something as serious as climate change as a tool for proselytising people into the church, a double edged sword of fear, like Pascal’s Wager for the environment. Either we perish at our own hands (which I’m sure would be justified somehow by the faithful as the foretold Judgment Day) or we perish at the unseen hands of Our Heavenly Father, because he’s had enough of us playing around on Earth and ignoring him.

“This judgment is coming. Jesus, who died on the cross for sin and rose from the dead, will return to judge all those who have ignored him. There are two urgent questions we need to ask: “Are we in denial?” and “Are we ready?”

Are we in denial? Are we ready? Or is someone else kidding themselves and giving themselves a way out from activel doing anything about climate change, becaus the most important thing is to love God, not to make changes in the way you treat our planet?

That’s right, our planet. We have just as much right to be in it as you do, so for you to deny us a future because you have delusions that God loves you and will save you is downright selfish. It’s a sickening misuse of truth for the spinning of congregational propaganda. Nice work Outreach Media.

This judgment is coming. Jesus, who died on the cross for sin and rose from the dead, will return to judge all those who have ignored him. There are two urgent questions we need to ask: “Are we in denial?” and “Are we ready?”.
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  1. First of all, newsflash for these people, there are already people in the world who are starving. Right now, as we speak, there are lots of them! Will this be news to them? I think so.
    Just look at Haiti, the last great disaster, is anyone doing anything? Nope.

    Second, I know there are crazy people out there who think that the bible is actually a code, that if you decipher it you will get a date when the world will end.

    “Jesus, who died on the cross for sin and rose from the dead, will return to judge all those who have ignored him.”

    Well, this Jesus they are talking about sounds like a real asshole, like a 4 year old boy who cannot stand being ignored and he will show you, he will trash something around the house to get your attention. If Jesus was so goddamn smart why the hell does he care that someone decided to live his or her life and ignore him and his father? What’s wrogn with this family? They all seem to be the same… and that virgin Mary! (She’s not virgin is she gave birth)

    What does Jesus want us to do, pray and worship and sit in a church all day long, tell him oh how great he is, how self-sacrificing? I didn’t ask for it, so he can give me a break.

    It just goes to show how incredibly moronic these people are. BTW, I don’t find it shocking that they decided to go with “Another inconvenient truth”.

    Also, I need to ask, are governments trying to get their citizen to “go without all manner of luxuries”? It seems to me like the people who were able to afford luxuries are still able to.

    You should have posted a direct link to the article: http://www.outreachmedia.org.au/posterArchive/july2007.php

    A very nice part, (Like father like son): “God tells us that He will not endlessly put up with our toxic behaviour or polluted relationships and will not endlessly absorb our arrogance and rejection towards Him. He made us and he will judge us.”
    LOL, he sounds like “The cake boss”.

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  2. Some are caught up in the tornadic cycle of circular reasoning because for them it is more comforting to be led than to think independantly. For me religion & politics are really about the same thing. Using fear & guilt to maintain power & control over the herd.

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