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The Outreach media billboard for November has been released, and at first glance, there’s not a lot I can say about this one. It really is rather uninspiring. It reads:


November 2010 - Get a new boss

November 2010 - Get a new boss

The page from their website for this billboard talks about your life, why your employer can be either good or bad, then concludes that the ultimate boss in life is Jesus and God.

Well, I can’t argue with that, can I? Or can I?

What outreach is trying to do here is appeal to those unhappy in their employment and tell them that if they simply put their faith in god and Jesus that they will be happy. Well, while that may be true for some, ultimately it means two things; working for an employer and who either doesn’t respect you or is just a bad employer and accepting that; and it means being in a delusional state of self-denial, not trying to better your situation and simply accepting that your lot is your lot.

But where has that attitude delivered us in the past? If we were happy to live in the times of Jesus and his minions, then we wouls still be living in those conditions now. Betterment for society and people is what makes us progress, not sitting by and waiting for God to come.

The worst thing about this is that those who will preach “don’t worry, just trust in us” attitude are quite willing to take advantage of the tools and advances from people who do not sit idly by. What is the advantage of doing nothing?

The rest of Psalm 38 is pretty much the same thing as the statement above, except that it talks of “fear of the LORD” which is something I could never come to terms with either. How can God be “love” and yet be something to be feared? How can we be told that we should love and fear at the same time? In human terms this sounds very much like an abusive relationship, one with the constant threat of violence. We would tell someone in a real relationship of this kind to get out of it and move on with life, so what’s the carrot here? Oh wait, that’s right, it’s the everlasting life in Heaven by God’s side.

Christians have told me in the past “You don’t understand, it’s not about being afraid of God, it’s about loving and serving him”. If this were the case, then why does it implicitly say in the Bible that one should fear God’s wrath. Don’t tell me I don’t understand, I see it perfectly clearly, and none of the tenets of Christianity make sense.

Arthur C Clarke once said:

“Religion is a byproduct of fear.”

In the case of Psalm 38, this is illustrated quite well.

Like I said, this wasn’t the most inspiring of Outreach Media’s billboards, but still I see them as trying to appeal to those who are not happy in their lives, but are looking for the easiest way out.

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  1. Fear is of course used by the christians, fear of being flung into the eternal fires of hell.

    In a personal relationship we’d called this abuse. Psychological abuse.

    “If you behave how I want you to behave everything will be fine, if you fail to meet even the smallest of my ways then I’ll punish you.”

    At that point you should run away – just like you should do with god.

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  2. The photo and caption just say ‘blowjob’ to me.

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  3. Oh, taste and see that the lord is good?

    The only thing it makes me wonder is if any Catholic priests used that line as they pushed some poor child’s head downwards. I can see now where they got their inspiration that getting down on your knees is for something other than praying.

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