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Hey everyone, this is just short note to let you know that I have made it through to the final 5 in the about.com Reader’s Choice awards for Best Agnostic/Atheist Blog. I realise that the nominations were all coming from you, so I thank you for that. The finalists are here and the percentages of the votes are displayed at the time of writing this article.
Readers’ Choice Award for Best Atheist Blog of 2010

Atheist Revolution (28) 0%
Common Sense Atheism (62) 1%
The Friendly Atheist (270) 7%
Martin S. Pribble (95) 2%
Pharyngula (3306) 87%

Total Votes: 3761

You may have noticed that PZ has a convincing lead in the polls, and this is not only due to being a very popular blog (and rightly so), but due the the Pharyngula Effect, where thousands of hits pour off the blog once something is mentioned there. That’s okay though, once I saw the list of finalists I was sure there was no way I could beat ether PZ or Hemant’s (The Friendly Atheist) blogs, these were blogs I looked up to when I started mine, and they were already well established then!

In any case, if you feel so inclined, why not stop over at about.com and cast your vote. I’m not convinced that I can even show a blip on the poll, but it would be nice to think that between now and March 8 (when polling finishes) that I could garner enough votes to make some kind of presence. And when it comes down to it, it’s really just a popularity contest, but it’s nice to know people are reading my stuff.


Thanks again for your support!


PS: This is how I voted in other categories. I don’t want all the big players to win, there are plenty of people who deserve attentio out there that aren’t getting it.

Best Podcast – Imaginary Friends Show
Best Site – RichardDawkins.net
Best Twitterer – @Monicks
Best Facebook Page -The Skeptics Testament
Bets Social Networking – ThinkAtheist.com

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  1. The thingy about PZ is that he writes short posts and several of them a day. A ‘normal’ blogger, like you and I, does one a day (on a good day). Awesome. G-luck “M”


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  2. you’re doing great Marty, well done for making the finals, we are all proud of ya!!! :D

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  3. Don’t discount the fact that this is basically free targeted advertising riding on the backs of pz and hemant. I’m a regular lurker at pharyngula, and wouldn’t have known about you without the poll… now I intend to see what’s up here.

    Best of luck

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  4. Ditto to Stork! I’m a Pharyngular and found this through the polls. You might be picking up a few more regulars!

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  5. Like above I’m also a lurker from Pharyngula and found this site through the poll, and I must say there is some awesome and well-written stuff here!

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  6. I also come from Pharyngula, and just loved you imaginary conversation with a 4 year old…

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  7. Thats what the did ..Messages from a secular group have been written on sidewalks across EKU. No Problem and THOU SHALT NOT Haha just kidding!.That was enough to generate cover from a local news channel.

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