Revelation TV Interview Richard Dawkins

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This is a great interview with Richard Dawkins by Christian Literalist Howard Conder (not Doug Harris as I had written previously) on his program Revelation TV. It’s worthwhile watching the whole thing. Richard is so very calm and measured. It’s not often that we see an interview such as this where both people stay calm.

What is most interesting is that the blindness of the faithful is so very plain here. No matter what evidence is presented, the interviewer will not change his mode. The interviewers words are so full of cognitive dissonance, if her weren’t speaking of religion, people would see his words as those of a madman, albeit a very calm madman.

It really shows what kind of a wall rationality and reason is up against when dealing with the religious.

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This is precisely why my opinion is that we cannot hope to change the minds of the faithful. In fact, the futility of this act is holding the progress of humanity back. Since we can’t change the minds of the blindly faithful, I thing we need to develop a dialogue with the religious folks that encourages recognition of the importance of secularity in politics, education and public life. This dialogue needs to allow for the freedom of religion, and must be presented in such a way that the religious folks know that they will be allowed to continue their worship privately, but that society must move forward without the special interests of religion being pandered to just to appease them.

I’d be interested in your thoughts on this.

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