What causes arguments?

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My recent post about starting conversations with the religious in order to make headway has started a bit of a controversy, as I knew it would. I didn’t intend for people to think this was the only answer, all I intended was to put forward an idea that is not moderate in terms of my stance on the existence of God or gods, but to point out that constant yelling from one side aimed at the other can cause no progress.

I really do appreciate all the comments made, and I think each of you has a point, but my point is this: if we want to make change in the world, we cannot try to wipe out those who we oppose, and despising them only serves to make us as irrational as they are.

Sure we all have reasons to dislike what religion has done to people and society, and yes I see that religion’s usefulness has come to an end for most of us. I also understand the amount of emotion that goes into people’s ideals about religion and the religious. You are not alone in feeling strongly about it. You are not alone in your opinions about religion. You are right to be hurt by it, and you are right to be angry.

The post was merely one of many ideas, and to say that I have all the answers would be a lie. But we need to start somewhere, even if it is to expose the logical fallacies of religion in the form of public debates, with the hope that someone watching will see the irrationality for what it is.

What strikes me from the comments is that most of the people who vehemently oppose the idea of dialogue with eh religious are those who live in highly religious places. I am not one of them, and I think in Australia we have it pretty good compared to the USA. We have close to 25% non-religious according to the last census, and the upcoming one in August should show an increase in that number. For me, the answers on that post are all about personal perspective. As I don;t have to deal with religious nuts daily and that those I do encounter are generally religious by habit, by birth or by label, I see that these dialogues may actually be possible. If this ends up the case, then let Australia lead the way by example, as a test case for the rest of the world. But who knows what the future holds?

This comic was sent to me by my friend Matt, and to some degree I think we can all take something from it.

Know also that I appreciate the fact that, though controversial, you all took the time to read the blog, and to post your comments there. Thank you, and I hope any disagreements we have had on this subject will not stop you from reading my ideas. Remember, in order to make our opinions valuable, we need to keep our eyes on the sphere, or we have no argument to speak of. I say this not as a criticism of the opinions posted, just as a general reminder to those reading this.

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