Correct me if I’m wrong

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No seriously, please correct me if I’m wrong. Being wrong is part of what allows us to learn, so I don’t mind when I am wrong, and when this is pointed out to me, I will stand corrected. This is part of what being open minded is about.

Being assertive about ideals has the drawback, for me at least, of emotional reactions and “the gut” getting in the way of reasonable and rational facts. It only ever happens to me in the heat if the moment, or in the flow of a train of thought, but it does happen. When it does happen I depend on you, readers and commenters to point this out to me. If anything, pointing out my faults in logic, appeals to emotion etc. only serve to make me better at what I do, and what I enjoy doing.

Don’t mistake being wrong with just disagreeing with me. You might disagree with evolutionary theory, but that means that you are voicing a baseless opinion, not that I am wrong. I can only be called wrong when all evidence points to that. I will not admit I am wrong when I think that in fact it might be you who is at fault.

This video from TED by Kathryn Schulz from earlier this year points out a few things about being wrong that I hadn’t really considered, but that make some kind of sense. While, as an atheist, I don’t agree with the part about God, it is a really good talk.


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