Science is wrong!

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Every religion says it is the right one, and there is no way that they can all be correct. In fact, I’d go so far to say that they are all wrong. But… science is wrong too. (!?)

In science and other practices that view and measure the natural world people readily admit that they have only some of the answers to the mysteries of the universe. When new information presents itself, that information is added to the knowledge already gathered, an if it means altering the information we already have to make the new information make sense, then so be it. When new information presents itself, the old is added to and altered to suit the new. This is how we make progress in society.

This adding is not done with a slapdash attitude either. It is done in a way that makes our understanding greater, not by simply tacking an idea onto the end of an already established understanding. We observe, we record, we test, and we adapt.

In religion it is the opposite. Either new information is ignored when it can’t fit into the scriptures, or the information is bent to fit with the ideas in the scriptures. Nothing moves or changes very often, and if it does, it means a splintering of the believers into new sects or versions of the scriptures, one that better suits the people who believe. The Church of England was created so that King Henry the 8th could marry many wives, which was convenient for him. The Protestant Church was created because some didn’t agree with the way the Catholic Church interpreted the Bible. The same is true in Islam, Hindu and even Buddhism.

Religion is like a vacuum, where very little new information is added, and if it is, it’s done reluctantly an within the blinkered ideals already set out in the scriptures or tenets of the religion. This is not how society makes progress.

The fact remains that nobody is right. Science etc. admits this freely, and rather than seeing this as a failing of the scientific method, we see this as an opportunity to find out more, to see the gaps in our knowledge and collectively fill them with facts. In religion, the unknown is far too often thrown into the “too hard” basket, and slapped with the label “God did this”.

Science is an open system, where established rules take new information and add to knowledge. Religion is a closed system which ignores new information if it doesn’t back up already held beliefs, at the expense of progress.

I know this is not all entirely true of all religious people, nor all scientifically minded people, but the systems in place, science and religion, are by their nature, as I have described.

The truths held in science are universal, while the truths in religion are conditional and sectarian. Science sits apart from personal interpretation, whereas religion is all about interpretation. Science adapts while religion stagnates. There is no such thing as Islamic science or Christian physics, science is the same for all of us because it’s laws are universal. Religion relies on the belief of it’s people to continue, and it’s laws are arbitrary.

What science and religion have in common is that they are both, on the surface, ways of seeking truth. One is effective and delivers, while the other placates our seeking with the illusion of truth. The fact is that none of us have all the answers, but I can guarantee that science finds more answers than all of religion combined.

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