Sir David Attenborough at the Royal Society (video)

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Sir David Attenborough is a personal hero of mine, and I can’t help but listen closely to what he says. He is so full of passion and insight, and is inspirational even while he tells us the awful truth of your situation on this planet. In this video from March 16 at the RSA, he talks about the current problems we have on earth, and points the finger sternly at the problem of population growth. If we don’t control our birth rates, the only alternative is an increased death rate. He makes some suggestions on how we can approach this problem, including access to family planning, reproductive rights and birth control, but he leaves it open to us to work out how we can achieve the ends.

This is a must-watch talk, so please take 20 of your time to do so.


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  1. Great video… in the same note, you will enjoy this one. It’s a tad long, but I’m sure you’ll find the time.

    Explains how our inability to understand exponential function is our worst flaw.

    Arithmetic, Energy and Population
    Dr. Bartlett.

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  2. Well. But I think he did not get out enough, that the people in third world countries are quite less “toxic” to the environment and to the planet than we, in the first world.
    Just an easy comparision: look at the ressources consumption by putting on a baby’s nappy. And this is in the very first months. Don’t even think about the first cloths, food, toys a.s.o.
    This tons on energy input won’t get any kid in a third world country.
    So where we have to start at first is – like always – in our own countrys. If we reduce our birthrate, the ressource, energy and space problem would fall to a lower, better managable level. Yes, it will be hard, we will get an (even more) overaged society, yes I don’t know how to fix elementary problems like pension etc. But it is a must. If not now, then later, but with deeper decisive points.
    But we also have to take a look at the developing countrys. Until we and the christian institutions send food, weapons and meds to this countrys, but no/not enough books, knowledge and seeds, the problem will never change.

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