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Since the most holy of weekends in the Christian calendar has now passed, the folks at Outreach Media have decided to shift their focus form worshiping the death of Jesus, to look at the topic of birth and conception. This month’s poster reads:

“You knit me together in my mother’s womb. Psalm 139:13”

The acompanying piece is all about how the writer has no idea how she (I’m assuming it’s a she since she says she was pregnant) has no idea how to put things together in her womb to create a child. She says:

“Pregnancy and childbirth has been one of the most astounding experiences of my life. However, as I followed the weekly updates of what was happening within my womb I became strangely aware that I wasn’t really in control. I didn’t know how to put a lung or a kidney together, or when to start making the fingernails. Though my body was doing the work there was someone else masterminding the whole process – God.”

I wonder how much thought she put into this statement before she wrote it. It seems to me that, instead of looking into what processes take place in the womb to decide whether or not they are natural, she has already decided that “God did it”. I wonder if she has the same reverence for her food digesting; does she have control over deciding how her hot-dog from lunch is digested, or whether her coffee from lunch will absorb enough caffeine for her to stay awake for the afternoon? Probably not. She would probably just as well account this all to “biology”, if she believes in such things. But the building of a human body needs the guiding hand of God.

Without making too much of a big deal over this, I also wonder what her thoughts are about cell regeneration, or the conception and consequent birth of a “lesser” creature like a rat, or a dog? Is God guiding that too, and to what end?

The article gets really interesting with this paragraph:

“What does it mean to you that you have been handmade by God? Psalm 139 says it means you are wonderfully made. You aren’t a mistake. Even if your parents didn’t “mean” to have you, even if you have a disability, so-called poor genetics or ill health, even if you don’t look the way society says you should, or have an IQ people are impressed by, nothing about you is a mistake. God has carefully and thoughtfully made you exactly the way you are.”

Whoah! While the message here is in intention to tell you that you are unique and special regardless of your situation, it actually points at something odd, and probably not intended by the author. The phrase “…even if you have a disability, so called poor genetics or ill health…” is interesting, because there are some shocking cases of disease caused by problems with DNA or genes harlequin-type ichthyosis, in which the sufferer is born with skin that continually cracks and causes very painful infection. What could possibly possess a god to “knit” something like that together, and for what purpose? Suffering an entire (albeit short) lifetime? What about people born with proteus syndrome, like Joseph Merrick (also known as John Merrick or the”Elephant Man”),  who was born with a genetic disorder which eventually caused his death by neck fracture when his head became to heavy to support? Was God sleeping as he knit these unfortunate cases together? How can these be accounted for? There are so many disorders that can happen to a child in the womb that don’t point to any kind of “hand at work”, and it all points to one rather poignant realisation, and it may be an outcome rather than an intention, but valid nonetheless.

When you say that God “knit” us together you do two things; you proclaim that life begins at conception, and by doing this, you limit the freedoms of women to have control over their own bodies. This is the real crux of the situation.

If God made us the way we are, even if it means living a life of pain, we should not intervene in any way, and allow the creation, no matter how abominable, to live to full term and be born. This attitude is incredibly archaic, and with our understanding of what actually causes defects in-utero gaining ground constantly, pieces of this argument are chipped away every day.

Let me ask you this hypothetically: If you were pregnant, and one of the routine checks showed that your baby was horribly deformed, and would live a life of extreme pain gor 25 years for you to look after, unless you let modern science intervene with a simple in-uterine operation, would you allow it? Or would you say “it is God’s handiwork, we mustn’t interfere.” I guess you would have to make that call if an when you came to it, but I can bet you would opt for the simple operation. What would this say about the idea that “nothing about you is a mistake. God has carefully and thoughtfully made you exactly the way you are”?

By implying that God is “knitting” together babies in the womb, it is implied that to tamper with it, or to destroy the thing growing in there, is to go against God. This is nonsense, a woman should have the right to choose the fate of her own body and its organs without the Church stepping in and claiming to know what is right for them. It goes back to the idea of control over women, and whether this is the intention of the passages above or not, the outcome is plain; women should not choose what they do with their own lives. Now I aks this, again, hypothetically: If the foetus growing inside you was growing in such a way that not only you, but your child would definitely die, would you have an abortion, or hark back to the idea that it was God’s intention that you die? Your death, and the subsequent suffering of your family could be avoided with a simple termination of the pregnancy.

The final question is this: How is the termination of a pregnancy any different from any other disorder that would require surgery? Especially when a life could be saved, how does the technology behind modern medicine, which can save lives of pregnant women, any different to the pacemaker, or cancer treatment, or cataract surgery? If we are made according to God’s plan, then I’m assuming that anyone who believes Outreach Media’s stance would forego the possibility of a longer life because “this is what god intended”. We live in a technological age, one which includes advances in medicine, and slowly we see the mysteries of life being revealed to us. The further the curtain is drawn back, the more we see that the wizard behind the curtain does not exist.

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  1. Apparently god is an atrocious knitter. He has created far too many factory rejects and those who accept arguments from ignorance as debate winners.

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  2. That’s why education beyond College is so important. The more knowledge you acquire about life, philosophy, science, mathematics and nature the less religious you become.

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  3. Don’t you know that god gave us hideous diseases, disfigurations and disabilities so that we could find out how to cure those hideous diseases, disfiguration and disabilities. If only we weren’t so stupid we’d have cured them all by now.

    Or should that be, if religion hadn’t held us back and tried to block some of the most promising potential cures, because it’s not god’s will/wish, we’d have cured them all by now?

    In any case, if the evil bastard hadn’t invented those things in the first place then we wouldn’t have any need to cure them. They are a pointless exercise in overcoming suffering just for the sake of overcoming suffering,

    God must have actually sat down and put time and effort into designing and creating these things, especially for his ultimate creation that he loves so much? You can’t get much more evil or sicker than that! Well maybe apart from the idea of hell, infinite punishment for a finite crime!

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  4. God gave us free will,the religious tell us.Yet,your free will don’t count when it come to abortion.That is strange,don’t religious people not believe in god?

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  5. In light of this, I wonder what they make of the millions of women that have miscarriages each year. Why would God even ‘knit’ the embryo for it to die soon after? For what purpose? One great big tep backwards for women of we have women like this speaking like this.

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  6. To Jeff Boulton, God did not give us the diseases Satan did. God does love us and he does want us to cure these diseases. To Robert, the free will you talk about we do have it. It is free will that allows people to choose abortions, it is free will that allows us to have sex with 40 guys at once and get knocked up. But these things we do we are loured to by Satan. He whispers in our ear that its fun, we should do it because we should enjoy ourselves while we are here. Well yes, God also wants us to enjoy ourselves but in a healthier way. Jeff Boulton that being said about free will in the past we as christians who have had leaders in our community who were not even believers. They took the post to make money. In the past members of the clergy and priests, pastors used God and the bible to scare uneducated peasents so they would blindly give to the church. is that okay? No not at all. Unfortunately because of a tarnished past us as christians have to bear that reputation. God wants us to learn. Satan gives us depression, anxiety, bi polar, schizophrenia, and all sorts of mental illnesses to get us to take our focus off the Lord. But in turn God gave us the ability to discover/invent medications to use to win against these mental illnesses. In the army you wouldnt go into battle without a shield or gun, right? God wont let you battle against the enemy without protection either (ie prozac, kolodapins, wellbutrin, or whatever antidepressant) The bible is full of good reading, great information and a lot of inspiring quotes. Even if you choose not to believe in God, read the bible it just has a lot of great guidelines to how to live your life.
    I could go on for ages on abortion and birth control and how it really is not a good thing. AND in fact it is very uneducated to agree with abortion. It was legalized in 1973 before we had ultrasounds, and other medical tools to see the embryo, did you know that by 6 weeks the embryo has a heartbeat? How far along are most women when they discover they are pregnant? by the time you set up and get the abortion you are at least 8 weeks pregnant. so youre aborting a fetus which at this point has a heartbeat, eyes, tongue, intestines, and fingers. How does one justify aborting that? Really I am interested to know. I am open minded.
    Now to Tanya, I can not answer that. My best friend and her husband have been pregnant 7 times. They have 2 children wich survived. Her body just can not support and grow a child. Why God has put her through 5 miscarriages I dont know. Why he does that to any woman I dont know. We arent being “punished” as some would bring us to believe. Maybe we need to learn something but I honestly dont know. What I do know is He will never put us through something we can not handle. He pushes and pushes us. He does that so that we have nothing to cling to but Him. Its hard for any of us believers or not, to do that because Satan gets his grip on us when we are so vulnerable. He again whispers into our heads God hates us, thats why he does this, God wants to see us in pain, Satan tells us lies and deceives us to follow him down his path to separation from God. Anyways, Im a fairly new believer. I grew up hating God, not understanding why a god who made me would put me in so much stuff in my life. I know why now. and my life is changed. I know to you unbelievers I sound crazy. But Im okay with that. Maybe through my rant I have made someone, even one person second think thier anti god belief. I hope so. :)

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  7. Mellissa, well at least you know you sound crazy, that’s a start.

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  8. Martin, I feel really sad that you have such a twisted view of God. It’s obvious that you have drawn your conclusions about him based on your own experience and world view, rather than through the Bible—which gives a thorough narrative of God’s interactions with the world, and insight into his character. But your world view is limited to your own experiences. It does not necessarily fit with reality, and it excludes the experiences of other people who may not agree with you. In short, your world view is subjective—not based on fact, but opinion. The Bible, on the other hand, is based on the experiences of a multitude of people, it is supported by historical records, and science also backs up many of its claims.

    I think it’s important for me to address the misconceptions that keep coming up: first, that religion is only for uneducated sad cases, and second, that religion has held back the advances of science. Firstly, many Christians are university lecturers, scientists, teachers, doctors, geologists, etc. While Christianity is also accessible to what you may consider poor, uneducated people, God encourages people to test those who teach the Bible, and not just to accept everything—he encourages people to be wise. God does not seek to take advantage of the uneducated, but to give them wisdom and understanding. Moreover, he gives “uneducated” people meaning and value outside of their circumstances. Secondly, many scientists who have contributed greatly to the advance of science have been Christians. Isaac Newton= Christian. Blaise Pascal= Christian. You can look up a list for yourself. Even Albert Einstein believed that the universe was created. In fact, the reason we even have science is because God created the world with order—things can be observed and the same result found time and time again. Things don’t happen randomly as evolution teaches.

    As for your concern about physical impairments: has it occurred to you that, impairment or not, everyone’s body slowly fades and then dies? The Bible explains this to be the result of sin. God created everything to live and function perfectly. But sin, which was brought about by a rejection of God’s authority and place as Creator, meant that all things were tarred. Death was introduced, as were genetic effects. As time goes on, the genetic line weakens, and more defects are introduced. This isn’t an act of God’s cruelty; this is the result of sin. God shows mercy by: 1) providing a means for us to research and find cures, 2) giving us value outside of physical defects, mental health problems, etc, and 3) giving the promise of a new body in heaven. God believes that every life is valuable, regardless of the defects that we, as humans, consider lesser.

    Yes, I do believe that life begins at conception—that is, after all, how it manages to grow, because it is alive. Nothing can grow that is not living. That is why the embryo needs to be attached to as food source, to grow. But if, as you say, the crux of your concern is that women are then not free to have control over their own bodies, I would argue that: 1) a baby’s body is separate from the mother’s body—it has its own organs; and 2) women are not free to do whatever they want with their bodies anyway. It is illegal to speed, it is illegal to walk naked through a crowded shopping centre—all things women could do with their own bodies. So we are not completely free to do whatever we want—and killing a child should be way up there on that list. And it is not just Christians who fight for the right to life, but non-religious people as well.

    As for your hypothetical scenarios: I have been pregnant, and I can tell you that it doesn’t matter how my child is born, if he/she has the capacity to live, then I will allow them to do just that. Who am I to assume what kind of life they will or will not have? Many people with disabilities are pro-life advocates because they believe, despite their disability, they are valuable members of society. We can learn a lot from people with disabilities—it’s arrogant to assume that your life will naturally be better because you’re physically healthy. Nowhere in the Bible does God say that we cannot receive treatment for sickness or injury. That is a gross misrepresentation of who God is. Again, he has given us science and doctors to create medicines and provide medical care. Jesus himself healed the sick and lame—that would be the greatest kind of intervention.

    And I would certainly not have an abortion on the chance that I or my baby might die. I’ve heard many stories of women who have been told to abort for health reasons, and the baby has been born perfectly healthy. So for the off chance the baby might die, you propose to kill it early? How can anyone make such a prediction? But the reality is, most abortions are not done for health reasons. They’re done because women like the freedom to do whatever they want, without accepting the responsibility that comes with it. And that’s not just a desire for women—everyone wants to have the freedom, minus the responsibility. We have a federal law that keeps us all accountable—none of us are free to do whatever we want. But this is not just talking about slacking off while your parents support you into your 40s, this is talking about the right to life for children who cannot speak for themselves. My question to you is: why should an adult’s freedoms override the freedoms of a child?

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