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I got notification the other week from Brittany Shoots-Reinhard, from the Department of Psychology at The Ohio State University, and also a member of Foundation Beyond Belief, a secular humanist organization that highlights ten small, secular charities per quarter, raises funds for them, and gives them 100% of the money when the quarter is over. Among the board members is Hemant Mehta, the Friendly Atheist, a name I am familiar with in my dealings on the internet in the Atheist Spheres.

It seems the Foundation is currently holding a subscriber drive running from July 1 to July 31. Ms Shoots-Reinhard says this of the subscriber drive:

There are many reasons to join FBB—you’ll be putting your humanist values into action and benefiting people around the globe. In addition to raising money for worthy charities, with assurance that the money will be spent on programs, not proselytizing…
1. You will have access to nominate and debate future beneficiaries
2. You choose which charities you support each quarter
3. You can participate in the social network areas of the site and connect with other humanists
4. You can donate to multiple charities from one website

We are having a promotional fund drive for members this summer, so it’s a great time to join! Each $20 donation to the charities or one-time donations to FBB itself gets an entry in a drawing to win an Apple iPad2, and every additional multiple of $20 gets another entry.

Sounds like a good thing to do, especially for those living in the USA (the charities are mostly American.) So what do you say? Sounds like a good way to spend $20 don’t you think?

That’s not all! They’re also inviting people to submit as guest bloggers to the site:

In addition, we are currently recruiting guest bloggers for the FBB blog. The blog highlights the importance of putting humanist principles into action. We would be interested in any posts written about the relationship between humanism and any of FBB’s nine charity categories: animal protection, secular and religious intersection, child welfare, education, environmentalism, health, human rights, peace, and poverty. Let us know your thoughts on how humanism can make the world a better place!

It would be a good place for bloggers to get their word out to a wider audience. I think this is also admirable, because I find it hard to let go of total control over my blog.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. And no, it’s not Ginzu Steak Knives. FBB are also recruiting partners!

We are also having a promotional member drive for partner groups this summer! The partner group with the most members by July 31st will win a speaking event from our executive director, Dale McGowan. Partners help raise funds for our featured charities through donations from group members, creative fundraisers, or by encouraging group members to join the Foundation. You can find the partner application at

Sounds like a great group to get involved in. Thanks Brittany for the heads-up on this.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! Here’s an update: the member drive is going on now through July 31, so if you make your donation this month, you qualify for the drawing. We’re also having a couple of other promotions you can read about on the website. If you’re a member of a group and want to become a member but won’t have time to recruit before the July 31 deadline, don’t worry: we’ve put that on hold for later this summer to give you more time! Feel free to contact me at [email protected] with any questions.

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