“Resisting the Green Dragon”

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I found this video while sorting through my G+ stream yesterday, and found it too alarming to not blog on the subject. This is surely enough to get your hackles up, and it should concern not only atheists, agnostics and skeptics, but every thinking human on the planet. This is surely going to be of concern in the future.

The video opens with this statement:

“In what has become one of the greatest deceptions of our day, radical environmentalism is striving to put America, and the world, under its destructive control. This so called Green Dragon is seducing our children in our classrooms and our culture. Its lust for political power now extends to the highest global levels, and its twisted view of the world elevates nature above the needs of people, of even the poorest and the most helpless. With millions falling prey to its spiritual deception, the time is now to stand and resist.”

This video is a 12 minute promo for the DVD series Resisting The Green Dragon, produced by The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, who describe themselves thus:

“The Cornwall Alliance is a coalition of clergy, theologians, religious leaders, scientists, academics, and policy experts committed to bringing a balanced Biblical view of stewardship to the critical issues of environment and development. The Cornwall Alliance fully supports the principles espoused in the Cornwall Declaration on Environmental Stewardship, and is seeking to promote those principles in the discussion of various public policy issues including population and poverty, food, energy, water, endangered species, habitat, and other related topics.”

Please take the time to watch the video (12 minutes) then read what I have to say after the jump…

Download the mp4 here.

This video highlights just how dangerous the religious movements in the USA are becoming. Using the dual threats of “global control over everything we do” and the “destruction of the Christian way in America, this video shows how radical religious movements are using misinformation to try and scare the American and world populi into believing that environmental concerns are not only anti Christian, but ultimately harmful to everyone worldwide. It is appealing to an emotional response, not unlike the response people in Australia are having over the proposed Greenhouse Carbon Tax, using half-assed assessments of the situation, embroiled with Tea-Party rhetoric to deliver its message of doom. It is a three pronged attack on reason, using fear of losing freedom, fear of losing the Christian way of life, and fear of conspiracy, and it aims to bring about a notion that environmental concerns are nothing but Big-Brother hiding facts in order to procure world domination. These people are devoted to the idea that Creationism, above all else, is the only truth, and this is very dangerous, as Michael Shermer states in his book “Why People Believe Weird Things”;

“There is considerable harm in teaching creation-science as science because the consequent blurring of the line between religion and science means that students will not understand what the scientific paradigm is and how to apply it properly.

Moreover, the assumptions behind creationism comprise a two-pronged attack on all the sciences, not just on evolutionary biology. One, if the universe and Earth are only about ten thousand years old, then the modern sciences of cosmology, astronomy, physics, chemistry, geology, paleontology, paleoanthropology, and early human history are all invalid.”

This kind of misinformation is not only scary, but it is potentially very destructive, especially when we consider that America is one of the worst polluters per capita, and one of the biggest consumers of resources per capita on the planet. Once the American public is convinced that the environmentalist push in the world is based on a want of the powers that be to control their lives, there is little that could convince them to buy and consume less, and to help preserve this planet for future generations. This is precisely where religion, and religious dogma, causes me the most concern; misinformation allows for bad decision-making, and from bad decisions come bad outcomes.

Go check out the website http://www.resistingthegreendragon.com/ (This is not a live link as I don’t want them seeing hits come directly from my blog. Copy and paste the link to see the madness there.)

NOTE: If you want to watch the video as the website would like you to, the website makes you first enter your email address to be delivered to a password protected Vimeo page, where, if you enter the word “RESIST” as the password, you can view it. I took the liberty of downloading the file and hosting it myself so that you didn’t have to go through that process yourself.

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  1. This topic was covered by the ‘Atheist Age’ radio show on 3rpp several months ago, I am glad to see the potential harm of this attack on basic science is beginning to be recognised. Keep up the good work.

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  2. Fun game to play: take all of their arguments about environmentalist “brainwashing”, and replace all terms related to “environmentalism” or “Green Dragon” with Christianity.

    “Exaggeration, myth, and outright lies are commonplace in the Christian Right movement.”

    “Children are naturally susceptible to deception. Not surprisingly, Christianity targets them more than any other group. It subjects them to a constant drumbeat of religious propaganda that contradicts reality.”

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  3. This is disturbing. It’s the first time I’ve seen this, and it does not reassure me for the future of our species. Funny how these people like to give lip service to science while using such laden rhetoric to hide their own agenda, and then there’s the fact that there are those gullible people who will take this seriously. The unhealthy fixation with Al Gore would be funny if not for the venom these people have for him. Not good.

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  4. ugh this is very disturbing!! it’s similar here though.. and Aussies are the highest producers of emmissions per capita in the developed world.. yet the debate about carbon tax and reducing our impact is being hotly debated and it won’t be long before we see this kind of crap coming from our christian groups…

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  5. What gets me, is that everything they describe about the “green dragon” really applies to them. I mean that’s all I could think of while watching it.
    I love the way they talk about how they are brainwashing kids… Excuse me!!! LoL What exactly does religion do if not get the young mind and mold it to it’s liking. If that ain’t brainwashing!!

    It just completely baffles my mind that people even think this way and take this nut jobs serious!!
    This is just one example of why I absolute hate religion and why I don’t even bother making friends who believe in that nonsense.

    Nice job with the blog Martin, thank you.

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  6. Ironic that Sky Fairyists are talking about the “myths” of environmentalism and how science doesn’t support global warming. Oy.

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  8. This video was released by one small group of Christians. I know that there is a lot of anti-environmental sentiment in some churches. However, there are also many Christian groups that are actively working to help the environment.

    What is scary though is that the people who are against environmentalism are usually those groups where people are more accepting of what their church leaders say. For instance, Catch the Fire Ministries has a recent post on its website telling people to go and see Lord Monckton who will be talking about ‘so-called climate change’. This will not only influence people in his church, but many people in similar churches who look to him for guidance.

    I am a Christian and I am passionate about helping the environment. And I know there are many people out there like me. But I too am appalled by things warning people about the ‘Green Dragon’ – especially as there is absolutely nothing Christian about living in a selfish way that destroys the environment and hurts the poor.

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  9. I facepalmed when she said it was a threat to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. *Sigh*, they just admitted what they’re motivated by.

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  10. I only just heard about this “resistance” movement today and watched the video. Your right, this is REALLY scary stuff! I have never heard a bigger bunch of CRAPP ! (and by CRAPP, I mean Corporate-sponsored Rhetoric Against the Protection of our Planet).

    After little research, it wasn’t to hard to figure out who is really behind all this, it’s only the wealthiest industry on the planet – Oil & Gas. Unfortunately, there are many among the masses who will not think for themselves and will blindly follow their leaders. The goods news, if there is any, is that Mother Nature has already begun to fight back. The bad news is that if more people don’t start waking up soon, it’s game over for all of us. In the grand scheme of the Universe, the human race is probably just a fleeting moment in time anyway. I’m just sayn’.

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