The Periodic Table of Atheists

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Just over a week ago the fine folks ofer at Ungodly News posted a periodic table made up of the names of a bunch of atheists, and lo-and-behold, who do I see taking the pride of place at number 92 with the element name “Mp” but little old me! Though I am hadrly deserving of this honour, I got a little chuckle when I noticed that my number is the atomic number for Uranium, which is quite fitting since my twitter name is @Pribbzilla, a nuclear reactive and highly unstable giant lizard. Have a look a the chart below. I really am humbled to have been included at all!

Periodic Table of Atheists

Remember this was done in fun, so don’t start going on about who was left out and who deserved what, just enjoy if for what it is!

PS: My twitter name is now @martinpribble.

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  1. Congrats, Marty.

    I guess we’ll have to call out the JSDF when you get around to destroying Tokyo again.

    Very, very cool.

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  2. does this mean you’re going to start referring to yourself in the third person, “Pribbzilla, as seen on the Periodic Table of Atheists, would like some toast please”

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  3. Congrats.

    Seeing this I want to watch Mp get all mixed up with these other elements and watch what happens.

    Guess that makes me a mad scientist.

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