Retiring Tired Projects – Spring Cleaning the Yard

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It is with a certain sadness that I am retiring a few projects from my blog starting now. Each project I have embarked upon has given me a broader perspective on the world, the way it works, and the way it doesn’t work also. I think I have been overly ambitious and now have several unfinished or untended projects lying around the front yard of this blog like so many car bodies. My blog has become a bloated mess of unfocussed ideas, and it’s time to pare it back a bit. Plus it’s spring soon, so what better time to clean up a bit?

First thing to go will be the newsletter. Sorry, I never really made a go of that, it was in a flight of fancy that I thought I could maintain a job, a relationship, a life, a blog and a newsletter, and I have proven myself wrong. What started out as a good idea has quickly revealed itself as just another task I feel I must do and feel guilty when I don’t. ┬áTo those on the newsletter list, you may want to consider subscribing to my blog if you enjoy hearing from me. If not, hopefully the newsletters were somewhat entertaining. Thanks to those of you who took the time to subscribe.

Second thing to go will be the Vox Populi Project. The intention of this project was to get the readers involved with ideas that interested me or that I had been thinking about, and trying to come up with some kind of consensus as to that people’s real opinions are. Again, a project with good intentions has ended up untended and hasn’t been updated for months. That garden bed has lay fallow for too long now, and it cannot be extracted from under the blackberries now.

Thirdly is a project that barely saw the light of day, Inspired Creations, my attempt to tie in what I knew of atheism and religion with what I could remember from Art History and Art Theory in university 15 years ago. I quickly found out that I’ve forgotten most of what I once knew about art, and so, after only two entries, that project too will be axed as of today.

On a slightly brighter note, my posts on Pareidolia will continue, they are fun to write and there’s just so much to write about on the topic. Also, Prominent People Project, while it hasn’t been updated for a while, will continue, as this is definitely my most successful to date.

Hopefully cleaning away the cobwebs will allow me to return to writing articles with the same clarity and insight you once enjoyed.

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