So What Do I Fear About Religion?

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Just a short follow up from my previous post, I thought I’d make it clear that I am not free from fears, and nor do I claim to be. In fact the one thing that scares me the most is bad thinking. I have said it once and I’ll say it again, from bad information comes bad decisions. It is this that I fear from religion, because religion holds the mind back, and tells one to be happy with not understanding the world as it truly is.

To this you might ask me “Why should you care what other people believe? It doesn’t harm you so why not just ignore it and get on with life?”

Well the short answer is this. There are people in the world who hold positions of responsibility, and those who hold the power of life and death in their hands; doctors, lawyers, politicians, military leaders, even bus drivers. These people should have concern over those for whom they are responsible. I want these people to be the most level-headed and rational people on this earth. I want  the person that is going to remove my appendix, the person who is going to fly my plane to Sydney, and the person who makes laws about my life, to be the most rational and level-headed person that could possibly be in that position. I want the person in control of the USA’s massive nuclear arsenal to be a person who thinks that life is precious, and not someone who has only to answer to God.

The fear I have of religion is not of the religions themselves, and certainly not of the retribution from God, it is a fear of its adherents. Religion and God can’t hurt me, but some fundie nutbag with an AK74 can kill me and my family. A jihadist Muslim can blow my plane out of the sky. A military commander who believes in judgement day can push that big red button and destroy almost every living creature on this planet.

I hope now you see why I fear religion. It’s not a petty fear, and it’s not a fear of God’s retribution. It is a fear of humans filled with bad ideas and bad information. This is why I advocate quality education, because if you have the facts you can more easily recognise and deal with the fictions.

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  1. it worries me when I consider that nearly every person in Washington is entrapped in religion…I do think that we are slowly moving on as a species and I’m glad to be part of the generation that is quickly moving away from irrational beliefs in lieu of science.

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