In my absence – some holiday reading

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Guys and Gals, sorry to tell you this but I will be away for a couple of weeks soaking up the sun in beautiful Fiji, so in the meantime if you want something worthwhile to read, check out these great resources:

Sam Harris – A great place to read all of Sam’s latest thoughts.

Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science – Contributor based content including some pieces by the big guns themselves.

PZ Myers – Always something interesting going on over here, and he is quite prolific.

Monicks:Unleashed – Full of great content, always thought provoking.

The Call of Troythulu – great blogger and a lover of fractals – check him out.

The Imaginary Friends Show – Join Jake as he give it to the big guy upstairs.

Godless Business – if you want content, you’ve come to the right place.

And of course don’t forget Think Atheist, for all your atheist needs!

And there are many many more of course, but this should keep you busy while I’m gone. Don’t forget to come back and read my stuff upon my return! Peace! Sota Tale!

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  1. Have an excellent holiday! And I agree – a great bunch of people listed there. Some interesting and some I don’t always agree with, but always thought provoking so we never get bored.

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  2. Hey, you forgot Left Hemispheres. www. That’s OK. I’ll forgive your “vacation brain.”

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