Nopocalypse part 2

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What were you doing on the apocalypse? Most people will be unaware that yesterday, October 21 2011 was the revised date that the evangelical preacher and owner of Family Radio Harold Camping predicted as the day that the elect few of god’s choosing would be swept up to heaven while the rest of us poor saps were left behind gnashin our teeth. Well, I’m looking around me, and sure it’s a dreary day here in Melbourne but its most certainly not the end of the world. The only gnashing of teeth I have witnessed was my own, on a piece of toast for breakfast. Am I surprised? No not at all.

After Camping’s failed prediction of May 21 as the rapture date, after which he predicted 5 months of torment and war on earth, followed by the actual rapture date of October 21, his predictions morphed into rhetoric about the “real” date. Last time he got it wrong he disappeared from sight for a while. He changed his story, after 5 months of, well, business as usual, to the claim that God has been merciful and has decided that instead of the torture etc. he promised for us all that instead we would all pass away quietly while the elect were swept up by the hand of God. Way to cover your tracks Mr Camping, you almost had me fooled there.

Christians often quote the bible passage about only God knowing the date of the apocalypse, as if to give credence to the idea that it’s still valid whether or not we believe it. The problem here is that these Christians still believe that Jesus will return and that the apocalypse is still going to happen. Well, sorry Christians, but you’re just as deluded as Camping, and at least he had the gumption to actually put his (ill begotten) money where his mouth is and set a date.

Not all predictions are created equal. Some are self-fulfilling like stock market crashes, some are considered and based on historical observations like global warming trends, an others are based on voices in our heads. I think you can guess which category this one falls into.

After the last “Nopocalypse” Harold camping had a stroke. No gloating here, just a statement of fact. Is it
Possible he has seen his own demise and has extrapolated this to the being the end of the world? Probably not, but only time will tell. The chances are high that he is not long for the world, and in typical fashion of “those who know” if he does die some time soon they will claim that he was right, at least in part. But the fact remains that he has no direct line to god, not does anyone, simply because there is no such thing. 

Be wary of the claims from people who claim to know the unknowable, they may be charismatic, they may be convincing, or they may just be loud, but inevitably they are just wrong. Let’s hope this is the last we hear from his death cult.

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  1. On claims of this sort, I’m reminded of a statement by Bill Maher in Religulous to the effect of “I don’t know, and you don’t know either, because you don’t have any powers that I don’t!”

    I’ve found that a very effective proselytizing-stopper, especially when “…and if you do have any powers I don’t, then prove it or shut up,” is tacked onto the end.

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  2. I really like Bill Maher , cause he says it like it is ! Pat Condell, I love this guy, he spares no emotions when it comes to telling the right wing religious nuts about facts and truth. Cult of Dusty, he’s outrageous ! But, he’s still right on most counts.

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  3. no new heaven and no new Earth

    A twice ballyhooed rupture of reality did not happen.

    Since a typical citizen of xian Ameristan is both a proto-fascist and a fundie know-nothing, vast tracts of the US mid-west and south would have been depopulated and opened for resettlement by decent human beings.

    • Zoroastrians, jews, and xians have been wrong about end-o’-days for the last 3,200 years. Verily JC himself hath said that he would BRB in the lifetimes of those who supposedly knew him.

    Just before JC’s alleged mega-make-over, The Transfiguration, “he said to them, ‘Truly I tell you, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see that the kingdom of God has come with power.’” Mark 9:1 NIV. JC couldn’t have been lying — apologists come forth and defend the Cosmic-Avenger’s no-show.

    Nevertheless, “the sure and certain hope” remains that his fundie “children of darkness” will one afternoon be taken up and removed forever from the circles of the world.

    Is the “rapture” finally going to rid Earth of all fundies? Really? As they levitate away, can they take their damned bibles and tracts with them?

    the anti_supernaturalist

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