2011 – An Atheist Year in Wraps

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As 2011 draws to a close, I’d like to firstly just thank all those who have been supportive of me and my blog. As you know this blog is nothing more than some simple ideas from a simple man, the way I see things and the way I wish they would be. Id don’t have a PhD in moral philosophy, I don’t have a degree ins physics or biology, I’m not even a scientist, just a guy with a voice, and a penchant for improving the world, even if a little. It humbles me that anyone would take the time to read my stuff. Again, thank you all.

As a way of tying up the loose ends of this year, I’d just like to recap some of my favourite blogs from the past 12 months, maybe some you missed, maybe not. In any case, let’s take a walk down memory-lane.

Man vs Zombies

This article explores the idea behind today’s popular culture’s obsession with the Zombie genre, and gives a couple of ideas as to why that may be. I also talk about why zombie movies are both fun and provocative, and also I make some parallels between the genre and The Bible. Read on…

An Imaginary Conversation with a 4 Year Old

When contacted by an online friend asking if I had any online resources for helping educate children about religion and religions, I thought the best way possible was to create an imaginary dialogue between myself and an imaginary 4 year old. What would I say? How would I explain my worldview? The result was quite an interesting journey into my perspective of the universe. Read on…

“What’s your worldview?”

Speaking of worldview, in March I came across a flowchart which was designed by FEVA ministries to try and show how one can determine and label for their own individual worldview. Seemed like a good idea, but of course not all is well in the world. It’s leading and divisive at best, and I look into that here. Read on…

Worldview Survey by FEVA Ministries

Let’s begin this conversation

This piece was quite controversial when I wrote it. I describe a “strange optimism” I feel when looking forward to the future of humankind, and a possible method of arriving at that destination. This optimism has waned somewhat since March this year, but I still maintain that what I describe here is a good way to move forward. Read on…

Chimps, Yawning, Empathy and Morality

This post was inspired by a great article which gave us insights to how empathy and morality are linked within communities of chimpanzees. It’s a great starting point for building a case against a secular model for the evolution of morality, and gives some of the reasons why this might be the case. Read on…

Image via Scienceblogs

Image via Scienceblogs

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat

In June, my beloved cat Spooky went missing, and hasn’t been seen since. It was very sad for me, and I keep expecting him to appear around from the side of the house as if nothing had happened. Of course I know now that he’s probably dead, and I have moved in with my life. The episode did however prompt this blog piece which explores the anti-knowledge stance of religions, and how knowledge and education are harmful to religions. Read on…

Thought Experiment – What if God appeared

In late June, My brother posed me a question in the form of a though experiment “God – the bearded white guy who looks a lot like me (he wears more robes than I do) – turns up on Earth, having decided to prove his omnipotence once and for all.” This piece was the most read piece for the year, so check it out. What do you think? Read on…

“Resisting the Green Dragon”

The religious right in the USA are in cahoots with the corporates in order to stop any form of environmental movement, and this video is one of the awful and vile pieces of propaganda they have produced, Its an example of willful ignorance with the purpose of stifling science, progress and freedoms in the world. Read on…

Is God Necessary for Morality? (Kagan vs Craig 2009) part 1

Here I try my hand at tackling that “master debater” William Lane Craig as he tackles Shelly Kagan in a debate from 2009. The question asked was “Is god necessary for morality?” What started out as a simple commentary of the debate ends in part 2 with more of an insight into what the creature-that-is-Craig is all about. Read part 1. Read part 2.

Tigers, Gut Feelings, and Idiot America

This article explores the ideas around why we believe what we believe, and makes the case, whether rational or not, that “the gut” is easier to trust than the mind in many situations. Read on…


Last month I tried my hand at a little poetry. This was what resulted. Read on…

Pascal’s Wager – Why It Doesn’t Work

This post was written earlier this month, partly spurred on by comments on my blog, partly inspired by some thoughts I’ve been having. The wager itself is quite easy to break into pieces, there are so many holes in it that it’s any wonder people are even entertaining it anymore. I know I have readers who will take the opposite position, but as you will see, this position is just as fraught with holes as is the wager itself. Read on…

The Final HitchSlap

And finally, one of the bigger, but inevitable blows to the community of atheists and freethinkers was the demise of the great Christopher Hitchens, who died earlier this month from throat cancer. I wrote about not him, but the furor which erupted after his sad departure.

That about does it for me for 2011. I may get another post in before the end of the year, but since that’s less that 72 hours away, it is doubtful that I will. Before I go, I’d just like to extend my thanks to you all once again, and hope that next year you continue to visit, read and comment here at my humble blog. Don’t forget, there are MANY MORE articles here in the article archive for you to have a look at. Have a safe and happy New Years celebration, see you all in 2012.



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