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I’m starting to get quite scared of the level of willful ignorance found within the vocal members of Islam. Yes I know, some of you will say “Yes but don’t judge all Muslims by the voices of the few loud people.” Well I don’t. In fact the only Muslims I judge are those with influence who willingly spread the ignorant nature of their religion with hate-speak and misinformation. The rest are just people, and shall be judged by the merits of their actions. These vocal spokespeople of Islam (and to a less dangerous degree Christianity) are up on podiums telling their congregations not only to trust in the words of their god Allah (which as we all know were written by man), but that all information that humans have is not only unimportant, but false. The video below shows this perfectly.

The level of ignorance, and the promoting of ignorance, is clearly seen here. People don’t abstain from pork because of Allah. People had already been abstaining from pork for centuries before the Koran was even conceived, not because God forbade it, but because of an illness that struck pork-eaters called trichinosis caused by a parasitic worm found in raw or undercooked pork, which can cause death in severe cases. Yes a religion is a good way to stop the otherwise uninformed from eating a potentially lethal food, but I ask you, is it more likely that the part about pork was included in the Koran and the Old Testament because of the already known disease, or that God or Allah only decided reasonably recently that it was such a problem that it should be banned? It is ridiculous.

So the ignorance of Islam is such that the information provided by science is not enough. It doesn’t matter. And this guy is promoting ignorance on a scale that could kill many more people than trichinosis ever could. The message is clear; don’t trust science, don’t trust the doctors, don’t trust medicine, it’s all a trick to damn you into hell. It really is verging on mental retardation. Islam is in a state that Christianity was in over 400 years ago, where piety and denial is more important than facts. This kind of misinformation serves only to steer the gullible and the ignorant toward whatever outcome the translator of the religion has in mind.

To call the practices and beliefs of Islam with science a “sickness” is a great way to get people to fear science. Rather than focus on the real illnesses like the complications caused by trichinosis, tell people that the seeking of knowledge through scientific endeavor is actually an illness, and you have effectively quashed any interest in science among Muslims.

I don’t know what the particular pathology of Islamics is, but it is without doubt the single most divisive and deluded belief structure on earth. If it weren’t for the fact that so many people followed Islam, we would condemn it as the ravings of lunatics.

Don’t even get me started with this guy:

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  1. it’s kind of tiring hearing modern apologists for these archaic pork rules (not speaking of you). If a wise deity were providing guidance he sould have been much more worried about salmonella than trichinosis. And he would have given practical cooking rules rather than eliminating a valuable protein source that thrives in semi arid areas. But then none of his other rules make much sense either.

    I’m curious to see the responses to this blog post. If a Christian or conservative politician makes these (valid) points, they typically get pilloried as Islamophobic. But there seems to be an (embarrassing to me) double standard among too many of my atheist cohorts.

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  2. Hi Marty

    The single book I recommend all people read is Irshad Manji’s “The Trouble With Islam Today” http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0312327005/ref=pd_lpo_k2_dp_sr_1?pf_rd_p=1278548962&pf_rd_s=lpo-top-stripe-1&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_i=0312326998&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=05R5TTTVWT7N73E3DVRF

    I agree that Islam today is about where Christianity was about 1500, where clerics (called Imams in Islam) interpreted the scripture because the general population couldn’t read Latin. In Islam’s case, the language is (ancient) Arabic which many Muslims recite without knowing what it means. I could go on, but Manji says it much better as an insider.

    Jonathan from Spritzophrenia

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  3. Ignorant violent religious bigots are always very, very dangerous, I’m in complete agreement. However, living in America, I have to disagree with “to a less dangerous degree Christianity”. Here in America, the worst offenders are the radical Christian right. Their danger is imminent, they have infiltrated the legislature and other public posts in many states in the US, and they are relentless in waging their war against our secular democracy. They are misogynistic and are hell-bent (no pun intended, LOL) on eliminating reproductive rights (and they have a few real terrorists who have murdered doctors and other workers at abortion clinics), and they have succeeded already in making it more difficult for women to obtain safe, timely abortions, in many states, simply because the services are no longer available. They are also anti-contraception! Unbelievable. They have for decades attempted, so far fairly unsuccessfully, thankfully) to erode education by pushing creationism and intelligent design into the schools. They are homophobic and oppose any development having to do with the gay rights. In other words, they push for the imposition of their beliefs and skewed morality on the rest of us, and aim to erode the secular state until America becomes a theocracy. And this is just from a religious point of view. Their radical political agenda is extremely anti-government and plays in the hands of the corporate powers that seek to do away with worker’s rights, health insurance, and many other benefits. They use the fear of radical Islam and sharia law to dupe people, to divide, and to instigate racism. Ugh. They are clear and present danger here in America.

    Of course, if I lived in Saudi Arabia or Iran, I would think radical Islam was the worst danger (it sure is!) and if I lived in Israel I would think the Orthodox Jews are my worst enemy.

    But all around, the worst enemy is radical religion. The perspective just changes according to where we live.

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  4. It’s sad that most Westerners are still ignoramuses about Islam, its ideology, and horrible history, even as the Muslim World is reviving and talking about a new caliphate. The best way to dispel your ignorance is free in your browser with the educational resources offered by the Historyscoper, which let you use the Internet to scope history and master all the facts at your own speed:


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