Oh Those Sexy Sexy Veggies

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Just a quick note today, as I am busier than a hummingbird this weekend.

I saw an article circulating the rounds this week about a Muslim cleric in Cairo that sought to ban certain vegetables from markets where women shop based on their shape, that being basically any vegetable with a shape being vaguely cylindrical. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that the shapes of these vegetables, at least in the mind of the cleric, are vaguely phallic, and it doesn’t take a master logician to work exactly why the cleric wants them banned. Given, it’s an outrageous thing to demand, and that is obvious to all but the dimwitted; if the women shop for these vegetables, gently caressing the zucchini between their painted hands, their thoughts will turn to penises, and of course therefore cheating on their husbands and fathers and brothers. (Yes cheating on their male family members, for that is what this system of having a male minder is like.)

So it’s not bad enough that these male members of the Islamic faith already want to cover their women from head to toe to stop the men having thoughts of sex when seeing an accidental ankle or wrist, they want to make sure that the women don’t have any thoughts beyond the servitude of their menfolk also. No carrots, bananas, zucchini, cucumbers or any other fruit or vegetable that may be vaguely penile. No thoughts of male members’ members.

I don’t really have much to say about this that isn’t obvious to any thinking person, except that I find it amusing that there may be XXX sections in supermarkets for all those “naughty” foods to be stored, and of course only men will be allowed in them.

It’s an obsession with sexual repression, and it’s getting worse. The more they repress, the more that it encroaches on their little paradise-on-earth for men only.

On the upside, the suggestion from the cleric is that the menfolk should take control over these evil food items and “cut them into small pieces” for their women. At least this means that the men will be forced to do some of the housework. But given that the edicts all come from men, that it is men that are doing all the complaining, that men are the ones who THINK women will think impurely when viewing and touching these sexy vegetables, I wonder who it really is that has the problem?

Time to grow up please.

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  1. These people never grew a brain. They live in a vacuum.

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  2. Mushrooms are fungi!

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