About.com Awards Are Back!

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About.com 2012 Readers' Choice Awards

It’s that time of year again, when About.com hold the annual Readers’ Choice awards, and this year I’m hoping to make the top 5 nominations as I did last year. The final result of 4th place was a great testament to the passion of my readers, with my blog receiving 10% of the votes.

If you like my blog, and would like to see it get a larger readership (I sure would) then take a moment to go nominate this blog on the nominations form for Favorite Agnostic / Atheist Blog of 2011. This is just a quick note to rally your support of this blog. I don’t get any money for this, and I do it in my spare time, often writing on trams and trains, waking up at 6am on weekends, and working late into the night. I work in a vacuum, and only know people are actually reading by their interactions with me. So make your support known, and give me some inspiration to keep going.

If I make it into the top 5 nominations, I will follow this blog entry with another asking for your votes. This is when the numbers start counting, so support is of supreme importance.

(PS: I will keep writing this blog regardless, but sometimes it is nice to see the support of my readers. THANKS!)

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