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Vote for martinspribble.com in the About.com Readers' Choice awards for 2012! Click here to vote!

HOORAY! My blog has made it to the finals of the About.com Readers’ Choice Awards finalists for the second year running! This is great news, and while I don’t expect to win, I’d still like to give it a go to see what sort of an impression I can make on the polls anyway. As with last year, I’m running against PZ Myers, who came first by a landslide as would be expected as he has a huge following of incredibly loyal people. My final position in 2011 was a meagre fourth, but it’s better than not showing at all.

Also on the running for this year’s prize is the blog of Leah Libresco Unequally Yoked, the blog of  called Atheism: Proving The Negative, and the blog of the ever-awesome Greta Christina. I’m certainly in good company this year. So if the fancy strikes you, go vote for me, and if you’re really keen, vote for me once a day (as is allowed by the rules this year)! And by all means, go check out these other blogs too!

Vote early. Vote every day.

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  1. I just gave you one vote. :)

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