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God really is everywhere. Including inside my iPhone!

I was searching for an app on my phone and randomly came across this app called simply “God”. What does the app do? Well let’s find out shall we? Apparently it is designed to bring me closer to God, by giving me random messages from him on-high. Clicking “start” on the opening screen allows me to step through a guided journey, short messages such as:

“Take a time out to marvel at how things are made in nature.”

“Be honest with yourself and others, speak only the truth.”

“Be pure in your thoughts.”

“Become aware of all the sensations in your body, on your skin, and in your environment. Become part of the space around you.”

“Engage yourself in quiet time several times a day.”

Thus far, the messages that are designed to bring me closer to God have been the kind of things I’ve read in self-help guides on meditation. None of the messages have anything to do with God per-se, they are more like the messages one might hear while being out into a meditative state. The messages continue:

“Become one of [sic] amongst many.”

“Pray to become of service to your fellow man kind [sic].”

“Trust in the process and have faith that all outcomes will lead from pain into good.”

“Trust your intuition, for in your core is the voice of god.”

Wait what was that last one?

“Trust your intuition, for in your core is the voice of god.”

There you have it. The voice of the gut is God. That is the self perpetuating ideal behind faith, the belief that somehow god actually speaks through each of us, and whatever “feels right” is actually his will. This is the premise which holds faith above all else, and the idea that all ideas if they come from the gut, no matter how strange, are the ideas you should follow.

If god really were sending messages to us via our gut, should we not then listen to everything the gut has to say and only act upon that? Does this not leave “actual thought” in the dirt? If we only ever followed the gut, then any idea outside of how we “feel” would have never been acted upon. Feelings are really useful, but they should never determine actions beyond those that require feelings (“Do I feel like tacos or burgers for dinner tonight?” or “How would my actions make my girlfriend feel?”). They help us get along with one another and can help us to to self diagnosis, but should not be confused with thoughts.

The app store is full of apps like this. It seems God had kept up to date with technology and is now communicating via our mobile devices. Maybe someone should have followed their brain when making this app, and they wouldn’t have made this stupid app.

My rating? -5 stars.

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  1. The question that begs to be asked is, was this a free app, and do people actually make money off these things?

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  2. This ties in nicely with your previous post, Marty. Directly or indirectly, someone stands to gain from this app, itself free or not. Though usually fallacious when applied to science, religious and political thinking, either, or both here in the ‘States, make heavy use of motive and biased vested interest in their reasoning, because that’s often how politicians and clergymen operate, whether in politicizing science or proselytizing for the faith to the heathen…

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  3. It’s terrible how we have to learn the hard way throughout life ! When young we tend to make decisions based on our emotions, specifically the heart. Only to discover that (emotion/gut) feelings led us down the wrong path and we are now suffering for it, hopefully short term not long term. Too many people do this when they say, “But, it just feels right!” Feelings and emotions change. Whereas, if you use your head/brain to actually think about it and balance the possible outcomes then you have used critical thinking skills. The chance of having made the best decision comes from using your thinking brain, not your feeling guts! A good APP might be one that is called, “Thinking & Logic”. It all boils down to, “To Think or Not to Think”.

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  4. Umm… your heart is located inside your skull and your instincts inform your conscious thoughts. Discuss.

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