3 Questions – An Update

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For those who don’t know, the 3 Questions project aims to gather together various voices from the atheist, skeptic and agnostic communities in an effort to have these voices heard. So often we only hear the voices of those who are seen to be in positions of power, those who have blog syndication or very popular blogs, or those who write for media outlets such as Huffington Post or The Examiner. Some of those voices are represented in my survey, but the majority of the opinions remain unheard or discarded because of the sheer volume of opinions out there. As I noted in my last 3 Questions blog piece:

Content goes I see a lot of very vocal atheists and skeptics getting their viewpoints seen, heard and read, and yet for the majority of us, our opinions just become part of the cacophony of noise that is the internet, never to surface past a few Tweet views, or a Facebook post that whizzes by at the speed of light. The fact is, the atheist/agnostic/skeptic communities is made up of millions of individuals, each with their own opinions and stories, each with their own reasons for being a vocal atheist, agnostic or skeptic. If it weren’t for these millions of people who see an importance in voicing their opinions, then the community would not exist at all. See this project as an attempt at inclusiveness, where all voices will be seen as equal, and equally relevant, to show how in fact we are a hugely diverse culture.

Initially I had a long and drawn out process in place to access the survey (this was in an effort to deter spammers and the like), but this week, the last week of the survey, I’ve decided make the survey public and accessible to all, in an effort to proffer more opinions.

The poll can be accessed here. I have removed the password, so hop on in there and get vocal!

I will leave the survey open until next weekend, so feel free to share this among your peers.

The results will be collated after next weekend, and I will publish the results, one question at a time after that. Thanks for your time.

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