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Emily Dietle (@emilyhasbooks) is doing a short series of blogposts called “A View From Afar”, which are guest posts from people who live outside of the USA, asking their opinions on the current presidential race going on in the USA currently. I wrote a short piece, an excerpt of which is below:

There really is no “afar” anymore. With social media and the Internet being so prevalent in my life, I feel like The American presidential race is not just an American concern, but one of worldwide significance. It’s on our local news daily, it’s in our headlines and in our conversations. The Internet has shrunk the distance between Australia and our American brethren so that we now consider the goings on in the USA as one of our neighbours. Because of this, the presidential campaigns we see are top-of-mind topics for me.

We receive news about the incompetence and lies coming from the Republican Party, with the only news from Democratic supporters being large-scale face-palming and disbelief at the divisiveness of the other side. This is mostly because America still holds a position of power as a world leader in decisions around climate and economics, and will most likely be the ones dealing with problems we see arising in the Middle East on a one-to-one basis. As Lawrence Krauss once said to me, “America exports everything, if its not there yet, you just wait.”

Read the rest over at Emily’s blog >>

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