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This week, October 10th to be exact, is the 3rd anniversary of the first post on my blog. Over that time, I have published 555 blogposts, which is an average of one post every 2 days over the lifetime of this blog. That’s a lot of writing, and since I tend to write between 1000 and 1600 words per blogpost, that means I have potentially written 891,000 words here. That’s nearly 9 published books worth! (Why haven’t I written a book yet?) The blog has received over half a million individual page hits, and has had  interaction from over 4000 comments. It has been a great three years, and I hope to continue writing well into the foreseeable future.

I spend a lot of time writing content for this blog. Some would call it a passion of mine, and some, an obsession. I try to keep it updated with new content at least twice a week, and I hate to see it without new content for too long. But even the most dedicated person must take a break every now and then. In this case, I am off to discover the wilds of Borneo for a couple of weeks, and ask you, as a reader of this blog, for some submissions to keep the wheels turning while I’m away.

Any submissions should be in the form of a Word document, and be between 1000 and 2000 words. Topics can be as varied as you like, as long as it’s not in direct conflict with the content already on here. However, don’t be afraid to be controversial, as controversy is often the best place from which to create conversation and progress.

Subjects can include: Religion, politics, society, science, philosophy, art, music, a book review, anything really, as long as there’s some element of commentary or observational criticism. You know, keeping in with the spirit of what I’ve already written.

So get your pens a-writing and your keyboards a-typing, and submit your guest post to [email protected]. I’m looking for about 10 in total, and I’ll let you know when that quota has been met. The deadline for submissions is October 20th.

(Obviously I will be the judge as to what gets published and what doesn’t, but I trust that you are all capable enough to know what I would find unacceptable.)

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