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Why is Walkie Talkie the best mode of Communication?

A walkie-talkie is the most popular in Asia since the most downloaded free Zello app in America blows up the App Store. Since its launch in 2012, the Walkie Talkie application has been downloaded by more than 110 million from Android, Windows, iPhone, PC, and Blackberry.

If the battery is down to 30%, turn off the application to save. You don’t need to worry because you can still receive notification messages when people send you a message.

This application is increasingly popular because many people ask for help through the application. Voice applications are more profitable than written communication, especially if it is an emergency or very precarious. Do check best walkie takie for event planners.

The ability to disseminate information more freely over a wide range of public channels and groups when using voice-based Communication. Meanwhile, written Communication is mostly limited to small groups or in person.

Facebook has confirmed that the Walkie Talkie application is not a paid tool but will provide benefits according to the person’s situation using it.

How to Turn a Smartphone Into a Walkie Talkie


The smartphone that you have can easily be used as a Walkie Talkie or HT. So you don’t need to rent a Walkie Talkie for specific events or events.

You can change the application on the cellphone to HT by downloading the application. Some of the applications include Zello PTT Walkie Talkie, Two Modulo PTT Walkie Talkie, Bluetooth Walkie Talkie, and many more.

Zello is an application that can be used by using Android and iOS devices. Setup an account first to be able to use it.

This very comprehensive Walkie Talkie application with HT features has high audio quality. There is also Bluetooth headset support.

You can freely chat via private or public channels. Users can reach 2,500 at a time.

Meanwhile, Modulo works like Slack. If you have used popular messaging like Slack, of course, it will be more comfortable when using Modulo.

Make Modulo a team which can consist of anyone. You have to register and join the group. Then all members can be organized through the arrangement on the channel in the team.

The Bluetooth Walkie Talkie or Intercom is also a must-try. This application is mostly used for Communication in schools, offices, or shopping centers.

The advantage of the Walkie Talkie application is that it can function without an internet connection. But you have to use wireless technology from the cellphone you have to transmit to other users.

Even more impressive, Bluetooth Walkie Talkie does not need to register to join. This application will work on cross platforms and can connect to anyone who is near you.

Alternative communication systems that have begun to emerge will make it easier for people to connect with other parties. For example, it will be more comfortable to ask for help through this communication channel in the middle of a disaster.

Communication facilities are usually complicated to use when a disaster occurs. Evacuation and rescue efforts sometimes get hampered.

The Walkie Talkie application is easy to use and very helpful. Just set up your device, press a button, and ready to talk.


P-125 Yamaha Piano Review

Yamaha Corporation is one of the Japanese Multinational Corporation with a very wide range of products and services; it has a strong hold of the market. It is the world’s largest piano manufacturing company and it also gives strong competition to all automobile companies in the target market.

Surviving the ‘cut-throat’ competitive market, Yamaha has yet again, positively pleased its customers by the launch of Yamaha P-115, one of Yamaha’s most popular portable digital pianos; it replaced the P-115 by letting the world’s bestselling piano get even better. Its new look and features make it undeniable to the fact that it has surpassed its previous model, this instrument would finely fit most modern decor style and you can use the P125 as a center and decorative point of the room. It’s perfectly clean and sleek!


Here are some undeniably cool features of P-125 Yamaha Piano:

  • 88-key fully weighted keyboard

It is a flashy 88-key fully weighted keyboard with smooth matte black key tops

  • Graded Hammer Standard action

These keyboards will exhibit heavier touch on the possible low notes and lighter touch on the higher notes creating a perfect balance; these enhance the feel of the piano.

  • Advanced feature of Touch Sensitivity

The unbeatable ability of the instrument to understand how hard or softly the keys have been pressed. The pianos produce louder sound when pressed harder and vice versa.

  • Sound: Pure CF Sound Engine

Maintaining years of sophistication and prestige, Yamaha P-125 has pure CF sound engine which increases its chances of purchase. It is known for the quality sound that it produces whenever the user hits its key(s).

  • 192-note polyphony

Yamaha P-125 can simultaneously combine two or more lines boosting the intensity of the music.

  • 24 instrument sounds

Not a very great number for such an ostentatious piano however adding it to the other astonishing features of the piano, 24 instrument sounds shouldn’t be a surprise!

  • Components:
  1. It has 50 preset piano songs along 21 demo songs
  2. Modes: (Musical scale) Duo, Split, Dual
  3. Lesson Function = The player can play the piano by putting his or her hand on keyboard using the mirror, it enables the player to learn and replicate faster and better.
  4. Ports = 2-track MIDI recorder (one User Song)
  5. 20 accompaniment tunes (for Bass and Drums)
  6. Other attractive features like Clock, Transpose, Fine-tuning, Sound Boost, Intelligent Acoustic Control, Stereophonic Optimizer, Table EQ
  7. Physical appearance
  • Speakers = 7W + 7W (12cm x 2 + 4cm x 2)
  • Size = 132.6 x 29.5 x 16.6 cm (52.2” x 11.6” x 6.5”)
  • Weight = 11.8 kg (26 lbs)

About its other key areas

  • Sound:

The sound quality is not questionable, its 7 w speakers and the polyphony sound of 192 notes generates a sound of prominent quality. It allows you to be more expressive.

  • Connectivity:

With reference to connectivity, the P125 could fall short for those looking for a digital piano for music production; however, the P125 supports the basics.

  • App:

Another cool and helpful feature that 125 offers is the new pianist app . Everything is controllable from an iPad or PC’s. However, connectivity is only possible by iOS supported devices, android users have NO chance for connecting with the device.

  • Review:

Genuinely priced and has 91% positive reviews on Amazon (highest rating for any Yamaha model!)

Thus, the advantages and disadvantages can be chalked out:


  • Sound Quality = Unmistakably, it has successfully preceded other pianos in terms of the sound that it produces, it lets the player and the listener enjoy, feel and connect with the music. It is user friendly.
  • Price = Yamaha P125 is very definite, the value for money of this model against its features and look, is something to signify and is worth your shot.

One major drawback is connectivity where android users have no chance and the numbers of ports are less.

Things to note down before you head out to buy a piano!

Before buying a keyboard or digital piano, you need to assure the usage the piano that you need to buy taking into consideration your stage (Beginner, intermediary or advanced).

The Yamaha P125 contains everything that one needs to acquaint themselves with a piano thus, it is designed for beginners to explore the instrument and start their learning journey of piano. It is also an optimum choice for an intermediate pianist. As for gigging musicians, if you are supported by your pocket, there are surpassing options in the market, but the P125 for its price is a solid considerable option.

For those who play with instrument voices, mixing and composing their own music, the P125 is not for you. There are other models in the market that would serve your purpose better than P-125 Yamaha Piano.


Still Crazy About DVDs Check Out Best Tv-DVD Combo On Amazon

Well, even though our life has gotten way more smarter with lost of smarter choices and gadgets to choose from and it can easily get you what you want. Some people still prefer their own old gadgets and they don’t want to forget them. Just like everything even in the Television market, there are some things that people still prefer not to get changed. Like DVD players, although nowadays we are replacing them with new smart Wi-Fi TV and you rarely see those DVD players in any one’s house. Some people still like to have them instead of Alexa and Google smart TV, so for those let’s see what are beat option to buy this time. We will get you a list of our best picks to choose from, We going with our random choices made with prices and working quality.

Westinghouse 32 inch TV and DVD combo

The 32 inch LED TV gives you the best high definition video quality and comes with a built-in DVD player for your love towards DVDs. The TV gives you great audio quality with its built-in speaker and weighs just about 11 and a half pounds in weight. So it’s not really heavy to take and move you can easily lift this great TV. In this Westinghouse TV you get features just like any other TV you will get, USB ports, HDMI ports and other options to connect different devices too. The only thing is that it is not the smart TV letting you connect to the Wi-Fi and watch different streams and online shows. But it will let you watch your favorite movies and DVDs in it.

RCA TV-DVD combo

The RCA tv-DVD combo is a great 32 inch led TV that gives you a great stylish look with a built-in DVD player for your DVD love. Also giving you a great high definition video quality and audio quality and providing you with access to all of your DVDs and CDs. It’s an LED TV that will make your watching experience better and let you enjoy the DVD TV combo fully without any difficulty.

Axess LED TV 32 inch

Axess is your access to all the things you want, your DVD player, your LED TV, and your entertainment platform. Just get memories by its great picture quality that this led TV gets you with a 32-inch big screen great for a medium-size room and small room or your kitchen. With its full function remote control and HDMI ports and USB ports have more option to explore the Led TV. If someone is sleeping and you don’t want to disturb them, then don’t worry this TV comes with an audio headphone Jack. Just enjoy the sound to yourself without disturbing anyone and let others sleep and rest.

Specter E328BD-SR DVD-tv combo

Experience a high-quality video and audio with a very affordable and stylish specter DVD-tv combo. This is a super lightweight TV that when you pick it up to move you won’t even feel you have picked anything. Weighing just 9.8 pounds and comes with an inbuilt DVD player that gives you access to all your favorite DVDs. So you can watch them, and also give you 3 HDMI ports and mobile device connection link so you can connect your mobile with the TV easily. Experience the best quality of TV with this specter DVD-tv combo.

Pyle PVTDLED32 DVD-tv combo

This is a really great compatible led TV and probably the best one in this list with many amazing features. It is a little more expensive than the other DVD-tv combo we have seen till now, but it really worth spending that extra bucks in it. The TV gives you a high definition display of 1080p and lets you experience great picture quality. It’s your full entertainment system as it gives you different modes to view and enjoy. The built-in audio system gives you great audio quality like no other in this list. The other best thing is that it works as a smart TV too and lets you stream audio and images as well. It can be connected with your mac and desktop too. The LED weight just your 13 and a half pound so you won’t have any difficulty moving it here and there.…