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The Global Atheist Convention held in Melbourne over the weekend of the 13th-15th of April 2012 was quite inspiring, enough so that I’m finding I have a lot to write about from the topics spoken about that I am creating a section here on my blog where the individual blog pieces inspired by the weekend can be found in one place. These blog pieces are sorted by topic or speaker. This list will grow as time goes on.

My Articles

Global Atheist Convention 2012 in Wraps

Sam Harris – “Death”

Some Thoughts on Death – From Sam Harris’ Talk at the GAC (part 1)
Some Thoughts About The Present – From Sam Harris’ Talk at the GAC (part 2)
Some Thoughts on Mind – From Sam Harris’ Talk at the GAC (part 3)

Geoffrey Robertson – “The Case Against The Pope”

Geoffrey Robertson vs The Catholic Church – Some Thoughts from the GAC

Ayaan Hirsi Ali – “The Islamic Winter”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Islam, Women and the Middle East – Some thoughts from the GAC

Leslie Cannold – “The Separation of Church and State”

Separating Church & State – A Call to Action! – Leslie Cannold at the GAC


The Great GAC Hug Off – PZ Myers VS Martin S Pribble
Dawkins vs Pell – QandA on ABC TV

External and Additional Reading

Now you know what I did last week: a quick review of the Global Atheist Convention 2012 (PZ Myers)
Separating Church & State – A Call to Action! (Leslie Cannold)
An Unconventional Global Atheist Convention Round-Up – Wednesday To Thursday #AtheistCon (Kylie Sturgess)
Tribute to Christopher Hitchens – 2012 Global Atheist Convention (As shown at the GAC)
We have it all (Andrew Skegg of Godless Business)
Brief thoughts on the Global Atheist Convention (#atheistcon) (Jacques Rousseau from The Free Society Institute)
The Global Atheist Convention (Peter Bowditch)
4000 Hungry Heathens (Fiona from The Little Lioness)


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