Guest Contributors

Occasionally I like to add the voices of other writers and bloggers to my site, while I’m away, concentrating on other projects, or am otherwise predisposed. The voices I have added here are from people who inspire me, people who make me laugh, and people who make me think. These are people who are trying to make a difference in the world, even if only by having heir voices heard on a personal platform such as my blog. I owe each one of these fine folks my gratitude for allowing me to publish their words here.

Here is a complete list of whose who have written pieces for me, and the blogs they wrote.

Jake Farr-Wharton
How to be a better atheist, by a morally superior atheist
Dear Stan – A Reply

Duncan Porter
A Letter to the Future 

Apostasy: Feelings of Loss & Liberation 

Maria Bangs
Cognitive Dissonance and the Truth About Circumcision

Emily Dietle
Abstaining From Ineffective Programs

Thomas Lawson
The Lion, the Scarecrow, and Dorothy, Oh My! Who’s Missing?

Joshua McGee
Mental Hygiene Tips 

Kim Rippere
Getting out of the Basement and Treehouse 

Andrew Skegg
Causality, Determinism, and Free Will

Reason Being
What is Atheism? Why The Definition Matters 

Steve Barry
Above All… Faith 

Holly (AKA FearBlandness)
The Psychology of Vaccine Denial 

Rohan Harris
The Church That Wasn’t – #AtheistCon

Plasma Engineer
Should intelligent people fear Islamism?

Kate Donovan
Quackery and Rabbitholes

Jerry deWitt
Random Entries by Jerry DeWitt

Soraya Chemaly
I’m No Longer a Catholic. Why Are You? by Soraya Chemaly

Jane Douglas
The Dreadful Dangers of Learning to Think: A Cautionary Tale

Tauriq Moosa
Making Monsters

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