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“This is the first and one of the best atheist blogs I subscribe to. Martin does a good treatment of skeptical topics as well.” – Troythulu from The Call of Troythulu.

“About a year ago, I was in the process of finding out that I was an atheist. It was suggested to me that I add to my reader (along with others). I have to say that its been a pleasure reading every post. I find myself researching several topics after he’s brought a subject up as well as finding myself mobilized in a way that I never was before.” – Sheila F from Journey from Darkness.

“Marty is a talented writer, a seeker of truth, an honest thinker, sometimes a provocateur, and always a great friend. That is what shines through in each one of these pages. Dive into this elegantly written expression of free thought.” – Monica Salcedo from

“Martin Pribble is a strong, unique voice in online atheism.  Through well-reasoned and literate essays and other content on his website, he provides insight, as well as a forum for productive discussion, to the skeptical community.  I consider him a valuable resource and a friend, and unreservedly recommend” – Joshua McGee from

“I became acquainted with Martin through some mutal friends on the Internet, and count him among the people I’ve never met, but can still call “friend.” Martin’s personal blog is a space where he tackles many of the questions and topics we all face throughout our lives. Martin’s approach is very thoughtful and reasoned, and he treats his readers with decorum and respect. He definitely has a blog worth reading.” – Dan J from Dexterity Unlimited

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  1. Marty’s blog is the first place I head to when I log on. Insightful, intelligent and thought-provoking, his passion for the subjects on which he posts are clear for all to see. I get a great deal of pleasure discussing his topics with my daughters. Keep up the great work Marty, it’s appreciated

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