Which Wireless Adapter Card You Should Choose In Your PC

Which Wireless Adapter Card You Should Choose In Your PC

When you buy a PC desktop, you need to understand that most of them don’t come with a built-in Wi-Fi card. So if you what to use the Wi-Fi connection in your desktop you need to get a Wi-Fi adapter card that will help you get the connection to your desktop.

So what is a wireless connection adapter card, simply put it’s a card or you can say adapter that lets you use the Wi-Fi connection On your computer that doesn’t have it already.

Is it useful?

It is very useful if your desktop is old or that new one doesn’t support, and you have a Wi-Fi in your home that you want to use on your desktop but can’t. So, the way I see it is that the Wi-Fi adapter can be very useful in this situation for anyone.

What can I use the adapter card for?

  • Well, let us start with the basic use it’s for internet connection. For sure you want to get a great internet connection on your desktop too.
  • The Wi-Fi adapter is needed if you are a gamer. Being a gamer is not easy without proper internet or Wi-Fi connection you will need it for multiplayer mode. So Wi-Fi comes handy in this situation too, which for some people is really necessary.

There are other uses too but these are basically the main you need to make sure about. So now you know why you need it, the only question remains which one you need it? And which one to get? So don’t worry we’ll answer that for you as well.

TP-Link N150 Wireless PCI Adapter: This you can consider the best option to buy if you are buying a wireless adapter card. The TP-Link N150 Wireless PCI Adapter is one of the cheapest and affordable cards you are going to get. It works with mostly any wireless connection and lets you connect with them. Easily set up by its QSS one press setup Wi-Fi adapter card. There are some cons about it too like can overheat when used for a long time and lead to the crashing of the card. Some of the wireless connection had interface when connected with the TP-Link N150 Wireless PCI Adapter. But overall not a bad way to give your PC a great wireless connection start.

Fenvi Desktop PC Dual Band WiFi PCI-E Adapter Card: Many people don’t really care about money and what they need is speed and fast Connectivity. So for them, this Fenvi Desktop PC Dual Band WiFi PCI-E Adapter Card is a great option with its Dual Band support it gives a faster and better wireless connection. The antenna of this card can be detached if you don’t like that. The cons of having this is just that it’s hard to set up and you will need maybe a technical support guy to get it installed for you. Another thing it may get slowed down when you downloading something, but when suffering through the internet no worries of speed.

ASUS (PCE-N15) PCI Express Wireless Adapter Card: ASUS brand has always been ahead and great in technology. The ASUS wireless card adapter can give you really fastest connection with its speed of 300mbps. Making you get your Wi-Fi connection running smoothly without any difficulty, setting this ASUS (PCE-N15) PCI Express Wireless Adapter Card is not even that hard. It can be easily installed and it also lets you have Microsoft and Linux support so that comes in handy for sure. Just take this great adapter and start your best Wi-Fi connectivity now. The only con in this ASUS (PCE-N15) PCI Express Wireless Adapter Card is that it has a weak Wireless range so you cannot connect this if your Wi-Fi is far from the PC.

Rosewill 802.11N, N900 PCI Express Wireless Adapter: This is a not so well known brand in people, not really as famous as ASUS and other brands. But that’s just name, the brand works really great providing you with the fastest wireless network with its Dual-Band connectivity you can connect to your wireless device easy and fast. The range is really good so you can use it from anywhere in your house without any worry about where your Wi-Fi is. It keeps your desktop secure too with its advance security system you don’t have to worry about hackers taking over your wireless connection. There is just one con that it may take some time and tweak a little before it starts working properly but other than that it’s good.

ASUS 4×4 802.11AC Wireless AC3100 PCIe Adapter (PCE-AC88): In the last, it’s the ASUS 4×4 802.11AC Wireless AC3100 PCIe Adapter (PCE-AC88) the price of this great wireless adapter might be high. For some people it can also be super expensive but believe me in adapter cards you won’t get any better than this. So whatever you spend on this wireless adapter worth it, it’s the fastest Dual Band wireless connection for your device. You get the best connection guaranteed support with an extra antenna in this adapter. The Wi-Fi adapter is the by far the longest ranged adapter that is available in the market and lets you get the strongest connection. The cons of this are the price of the adapter card and with ASUS drivers it can cause some issues with nothing big so it won’t harm your PC or adapter.

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