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This is another great billboard from Outreach Media proclaiming “Thankfully, God doesn’t think you’re imaginary”.

Thankfully, God doesn't think you're imaginary

Thankfully, God doesn't think you're imaginary

Like a lot of the propaganda coming from Outreach Media (see previous post) the message is simple. But I wonder, what is the relevance of the headless guy? Is it implying that if God were imaginary that we wouldn’t exist?

I got a real kick out of the circular reasoning which arises once you discount God’s existence. It goes like this:

An imaginary being believes I exist, so do I exist at all? So assuming I don’t exist, and the non-existent God believes in me, does he worship me like a God? If I don’t exist, and God doesn’t either, does that mean God actually exists? So if God exists, and worships me, who doesn’t exist, why does he believe in me?

The reasoning reminded me of Douglas Adams’ Babelfish passage, which I’ve quoted before. It’s completely flawed reasoning, but it was fun to think about.

Anyway I drive past this billboard every day and wanted to know that you guys thought about it. Please leave comments below.

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