Steven Pinker and The Blank Slate

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I am still reading the book by Steven Pinker “The Blank Slate”. It’s taking a long time, but not because it is difficult to read, or because it’s unenjoyable. In fact, I’d put it down as one of my favourite books because it talks about the brain, whcih is slowly becoming one of my new fasciations. It’s taking so long because I find myself to be incredibly busy all the time, and only get a chance to read for about 20 minutes before falling asleep every second night or so. In any case, please enjoy this TED talk from Stephen Pinker from 2003.

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  1. You are very astute to assert the efficacious value of Steven Pinker. I have been reading him since 1994 and he has become an invaluable resource to my own philosophy. It is always pleasant to find other sentient beings on this website. I think you will get some enjoyment from some of my writing on antitheism as well.

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  2. i am a huge steven pinker fan myself. let’s not forget his hair either!

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