The Brick Testament

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I stumbled across this site today, The Brick Testament, which touts itself as being The world’s largest, most comprehensive illustrated Bible.” It is all played out in Lego! What a great idea! The kids can relate to the Lego and they can also learn the bible at the same time!

But wait one minute… I’ve noticedthat¬† as soon as you illustrate exactly what the bible means in pictures, the holes in the stories start to become apparent, and the barbarity of the text is also plain to see.

Case in point is the section onWhy to Keep the (God’s)Law“, which is taken from the pages of Deuteronomy.

The Brick Testament

The Brick Testament

Step through page after page of horrific and gruesome imagery, as The Brick Testament describes what will happen to YOU if you disobey God’s laws. You will be smitten, you will contract all manner of diseases, you will be attacked by bears and lions, you will be blinded, and your body will be picked apart by carrion. Wow, that’s horrifying!

Then again, if it is true, then why hasn’t this happened to all the atheists I know? Why hasn’t it happened to me?

The answer is pretty simple really. This hasn’t happened to all the atheists I know because it’s all made up, and none of it will happen to anyone unless we happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, have a very bad run of luck, and also happen to not look after ourselves.

People can say “You are taking it all out of context, the people in the Old Testament days didn’t know how to look after themselves. They were a bunch of savages who had no laws, and would go around killing and raping everyone around them. They also had terrible hygeine, and The Old Testament is just a way to give handy household tipe on how to live better.”

Well this is not really true. While it is truth to say that the people of The Old Testament times didn’t have the knowledge we have these days about bodily and dental hygeine, they were far from savages. In fact there were very complex social structures way before The Old Testament was written. They also had morals, and their own justice systems which, while we see them as barbaric today, served the people of the time well enough that their descendants have lived up until right now. That’s us. We survive today, while most of the barbaric laws don’t, at least not in western society.

I realise The Brick Testament is a bit of lighthearted tongue in cheek, but it does illustrate the Bible for what it is: a series of antiquated threats designed to convince people that they are worthless, and that the only way to be truly happy is to follow a bunch of arbitrary laws designed only to control the masses.

It was Isaac Asimov who said “Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived.”

And while I don’t tend to attack Christianity directly by attacking the Bible (it too easy a target really), I do suggest you read it if you want to have some idea of just how powerful a tool for argument the Bible can be. Also go check out DistroMan’s blog, while he systematically picks apart the Bible chapter by chapter, it is well worth the read.

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