I Got Nominated!

Posted by on February 1, 2011 in Thoughts | 1 comment

I received a message today that I’ve been nominated for the About.com reader’s choice award for “Best Blog for Agnosticism/Atheism”! This is great news, I’m in the top 10 worldwide. The only problem is, I need to be in the top 5 to be considered a finalist. I need your help to win. So if you enjoy my blog, why not visit the nomination form and vote for my blog?

Just scroll down the page here and enter the address http://www.martinspribble.com/ into the form field for “Your Nominee for Best Agnostic or Atheist Blog”.

Why not fill in the other form fields too, for your favourite podcast, news source, book, forum or ad? See this as supporting the other people doing good work out there in the community!

If it weren’t for you, my dear readers, I wouldn’t have a chance, but it’s because of you that I have a chance to win. For that, I thank you. Let’s see if we can win this thing!

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  1. Deserves to be a finalist!

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