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I was going to write a rebuttal to @MissRaissa’s blog post about her apparent study of atheism, how we’re all nasty and angry, but many people have already done a good job at that (don’t forget to check the comments on her own blog too, pure GOLD). Instead I’d like to concentrate on an idea called truth.

What I call truth you may not, what I see as true you may see as a whimsical wish.

But that doesn’t mean that it makes a truth a fact. To be blunt, just because you say something is true, doesn’t mean it’s factually correct. A great source of truths is The Bible. Many people get all their truths from this book, and it affects the way they conduct their lives, how they treat people and situations, and their thoughts about whether others are good people or not.

This is a problem because it blinkers the truth believer to the truths of one belief system, and disallows for any other points of view. We are a complex lot, us humans, and to get your truths from a book that proclaims to be the only possible explanation of the world is ludicrous. The Bible omits many facts, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, etc, and only touches on things like politics and economics int their very rudimentary form. Even morality and justice, if practiced exactly as outlined in The Bible would be horribly barbaric and unfair by today’s standards.

I suggest you read the book The Year of Living Biblically by AJ Jacobs to see what living biblically really looks like.

My main point here is that people come from many different perspectives and angles, but to deny reality based on a single book is not only hypocritical, it’s dishonest and it’s full of pitfalls. Once you start down the road of dishonestly gauging the world based on a single source, you are headed for a lot of resistance from people who have read more, willingly learn more and actively seek further knowledge.

I really don’t have much more to say on this subject except that far from proving that atheists are angry at God, nasty people, abortion-loving murderers, sodomites, or whatever the interpreters of the Good Book might have you believe, this whole debacle has proven once more that atheists are as wide and varied as any other slice of the population. And next time, if you say you’ve done some research, please at least try, rather than just talking to a few people on Twitter (who by the way are reactive against you because you made false claims in the #atheist hashtag.)

I guess I’m just a bit tired of seeing people make flying allegations, which I know to be untrue, and then get all angry when they are challenged.

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  1. Raissa Nkuba is seeking publicity. She likes to be in the spotlight & has chosen ‘faith’ as her platform. She could equally have gone the Madonna route I guess :)

    ** The Raissa “I-was-lost” era:
    2007 Modelling Corner and Hollywood Auditions and 2009 African Heat Contestant

    ** The Raissa “I-am-found” era:

    raissa4jesus is her old & rather anodyne blog about christian values, womanhood & marriage. The good wife defers to the husband/master.

    However Raissa isn’t getting the hits so she cranks up the volume. She realises that simply quoting the bible isn’t enough oxygen of publicity so time to tell people they are sinners. She begins to get noticed. Her self-penned bio and pics are both worth a look & comparing with her earlier image


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  2. ‘Truth’ is relative and changes. Eg. Pluto is no longer considered a planet. Historical events happened on certain dates but how we interpret these events changes. ‘Truth’ is in flux.

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  3. I think Raissa is hilarious! She is a wonderful example of an underlying cognitive dissonance leading to delusionality.

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  4. Mike, sorry to disappoint you but you got your information wrong. I was in a pageant in 2008. I no longer participate in pageants or modeling. Cheers gentleman! :-)

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