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Last month I had the pleasure of catching up with author Tim Hawken, and had a chance to chat to him about his book “Hellbound“, an epic story of one man and his struggle in the afterlife for revenge and redemption. The main character, Michael, awakes  to find himself dead and in Hell, in the presence of Satan, and as the story unravels we learn about his life on Earth and how he came to be in Hell. It’s a classic story of revenge and redemption, a metaphysical journey into Hawken’s own unique take on the afterlife.

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In the interview we discuss matters of faith, afterlife, altruism, atheism, agnosticism, Heaven and Hell and worldview. The interview took place in Cookie Bar in Melbourne, so the background is quite loud, but I hope you enjoy it.

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You can also download the mp3 here.

Thanks you Tim for your time and the chance to meet you in person. Go check out Tim’s debut book “Hellbound” here.

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  1. And I really enjoyed the sweet steamy secondary romance between Gideon and Olivia too…It s a sad beautiful affecting love story that stays with you once you ve turned that last page…These poignant lines spoken by McKenna to Lady Aline brought tears to my eyes and pretty much reveal and convey the heart and soul of the story… For thousands of nights I dreamed of making love to you. He s arrived looking for revenge not knowing the true story behind Aline s rejection…The confused and passionate relationship between Aline and McKenna would have been enough to hold my interest in this book but there is also a secondary relationship between Aline s younger sister and McKenna s business partner that I liked too.

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