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From a talk by Sir Ken Robinson, this is a great animation which illustrates the different ways learning has changed over time, and the ways it should change further. I invite you to comment on this video, as I’d love to hear your thoughts. While this is not really atheistic in topic, my current interest in the NSCP has me thinking about ways we can move forward with education, and put less importance on the push that Christians would have us include in the curriculum.

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  1. Before I even saw this post I had watched this vid a number of times, most recently this afternoon at the insistence of ‘the boy’. He’s in year 10, we had watched it together before, he loves it. He sometimes gets disillusioned with school, he finds it hard to relate daily school life to some of the complexities which confront him. He dreams of change, and one day may effect it, who knows?
    We argued once, he insisted that his school employed no chupper; if they did he’d know! They do, I am a familiar of the local theocrats, the took him out of english classes to include him in a ‘character building’ martial arts course. He’s a strong kid, and really wanted to do it, what can you say?
    Reform of education, in an enlightened state, would be a walk in the proverbial park; but then an enlightened state would be secular. He’s survived their best efforts at discipleship, not without difficulty-for us both. He will be fine! But that these troglodites are allowed any ‘access’ to children is beyond me. Reform should be a lay down misere. This video remains a symbol of hope.

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  2. Oops, wrong button, voted for me..haha;)

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