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For the month of October, instead of preaching a message directly, the new Outreach Media poster is being used to launch a new campaign by the people at Outreach Media called “Want Better Evidence”. I’ll talk about that campaign in the next blogpost, but in the meantime let’s first have a look at the poster and the accompanying message from their website.

I love this one. It ties in with my Pareidolia posts so well, and I’m sure that the people at Outreach Media don’t think it’s funny for the same reasons I do. The image is of a very Christ-like face on a piece of toast, and I thought it was going to be a post saying that toast Jesus, toast Mary and toast God don’t exist. I mean surely, not even the very faithful can take that kind of thing seriously can they?

Well, they kinda do and they kinds don’t.

The article is written in such a wishy-washy way that I think they just fear that they will alienate some of their delusional flock by outright saying “God does not speak to you on toast.” At the end of the article it closes with this statement:

It’s perfectly reasonable to want better evidence than a piece of Jesus toast.  And, thankfully, the Bible gives it.

Importantly, the Bible never seeks to prove God’s existence.  Really, the kind of evidence it provides is for His character.  It does this by describing things God has done in history and things He’s said and thought.

And Jesus is the culmination of this revelation.  This is how one of his disciples, John, understood the coming of Jesus:

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.”

Jesus is full of ‘grace and truth’.  He brought healing to people all around him; healing in his words and healing in his actions.  And Jesus was full of truth.  He came as the fulfillment of prediction and He spoke with authority.

Unlike a piece of toast with a dodgy image, Jesus is the real thing.  So look to Jesus to find God.

Wow. We can find Jesus in the book that talks about Jesus, which brings us to God and proves that Jesus is real because the book that talks about Jesus says Jesus is real which brings us closer to God, because the book says so.

And how can we prove this? Well I'[ll spare you that same circular reasoning, you get the idea.

And it ends with the prayer:

Dear God, thank you that Jesus is such wonderful evidence of your love for us. Amen.

Jesus’ love is proof of God’s existence, and God’s love is proof that Jesus loves us?

And the clincher of the whole article?

Frankly, it’s not possible to prove God.  But then it’s not possible to prove that you aren’t dreaming. The real issue is evidence.  What is reasonable evidence?

I can’t prove to you, beyond all reasonable doubt, that this life, the life I experience on a daily basis, is not a dream? I can’t? Really? So what this article is saying is, you may be dreaming all this up, so what’s the harm in believing in God? This kind of logic makes me a little sick to the stomach. If I am dreaming, and this is all one great elaborate brain-fart, I should be able to dream religion out of existence. I should be able to dream world peace into existence, and could become a God myself, if I so choose. And you can’t prove it’s not all a dream. I mean, it asks right there, “What is reasonable evidence?” Well I’m assuming that my next blogpost will be answering that very same question, as it will be about the Outreach Media campaign “Want Better Evidence?

EDIT: My Man Dave The Happy Singer also wrote about this poster and the campaign on his awesome blog here.

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  1. You certainly have MY attention. Bring it on. :)

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  2. I know I’m not dreaming because when I pinch or cut myself accidentally it hurts! That’s reality. When I continue to hear the religious bullshit coming from the extreme right-wing, supported by the moderates who don’t even realize they’re supporting them, then I know it’s real. And, boy as far as brain-farts go, it sure stinks up my life!

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  3. “it’s not possible to prove God. But then it’s not possible to prove that you aren’t dreaming. “

    Hmm, can’t prove God, but God is most definitely real… Can’t prove I’m not dreaming… therefore I most certainly AM dreaming. I assume that’s what they meant. Same level of lack of evidence surely leads to same dogmatic conclusion. Doesn’t it?

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