Amazing picture from Hubble for its 22nd Birthday

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This was so stunning I just HAD to steal this from Badastronomer.

“April 24th marks the 22nd anniversary of Hubble’s launch into space. To celebrate it, NASA and ESA released this devastating panoramic view (also available here) of the mighty star-forming region 30 Doradus:

Yegads. [Click to embiggen, or get the 4000 x 3200 pixel version, or grab the ginormous 267 Mb 20,323 x 16,259 pixel versionThere’s also a way cool zoomable image too.]”

As Lawrence Krauss says “You are even more insignificant than you thought.”

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  1. As Nine of Dr Who would say, Fan-TAS-tic! Absolutely magnificent. As demoting of our human conceits as these sorts of images can be, it makes me feel large rather than small.

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  2. I wish I could buy a wall mural of that picture and post it on every wall and the ceiling of my living room!  

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