The Great GAC Hug Off – PZ Myers VS Martin S Pribble

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The Global Atheist Convention 2012, held in Melbourne was the site of a spectacle the likes of which never seen before on these shores, the much anticipated GREAT HUG-OFF, between the undisputed champion of hugging (and biologist) PZ Myers, and the underdog and winner of The Biggest Hugging Loser 2010, Martin S Pribble.

To be frank, this is possibly the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever been involved in. But it was fun. Thanks PZ. Thanks also to Kylie Sturgess from Token Skeptic for refereeing, Andrew Skegg from Godless Business for filming, and Public Serpent Oz for organising this moment of absurdity.

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  1. Ha ha.  Funny.  I got to hug pzmyers  later that night too.  *warm and furry memories*

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  2. Cute, but I think you won, Martin! I’d pick you over PZ to hug, any day! :-)

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