Imaginary Friends Show Podcast #109

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Over the weekend, Jake Farr-Wharton of The Imaginary Friends Show Podcast asked me to join him in conversation with Kim Rippere, President of Secular Woman, and scientist Pete Darwin, where we discuss the Secular Woman organisation, topics around misogyny and male privilege within the atheist, secular and freethought communities, “Elevator-Gate” in post-mortem, Atheism Plus and much much more.

Or you can download the mp3 here.

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  1. Jake’s approach to destroying fundamentalist arguments is teh funneh. This is the first time I’ve heard Kim on a podcast, and it was interesting to hear her thoughts on the role of women in secularism and the formation of Secular Woman as an organization.
    I’ve yet to take a position on A+ as that will require more data than I have so far. I’m leaning toward agreeing with it’s ideas while not getting involved, letting its proponents hammer out their issues and do their own thing. This might be good or bad, we’ll see. I’m sure the results will be interesting no matter what happens.
    Congrats on a good show.

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