VIDEO: “Mission Field: Education not Expected”

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This is a newly uploaded video from, a group dedicated to show the truth about the nature of religious education in Australia, and outlines the role ACCESS Ministries play in the SRI (Special Religious Instruction) programme which is currently part of all school curricula, State and Private, within Australia. It is a “must watch” for anyone who is interested in the way religion, and particularly Christianity, is foisted upon children in the Australian educational system.

In the words of Religions In School:

“Powerful groups want to use our schools as “Mission Fields” to make disciples of our children. These factions do not trust parents to be able to attend to the religious formation of their families. This film explores the truth behind what is going on in our state schools under the system of “Special Religious Instruction” – and calls for policy makers to put an end to allowing self religious factions to use our schools as venues for missionary work, when we should instead by teaching our kids about the diverse traditions that exist within our secular democratic Commonwealth.

“Special Religious Instruction does not belong in the school curriculum and general religious education should be taught by trained teachers working with a comparative syllabus. The current system has no educational rigor and causes children to be discriminated against on religious grounds.”



If you want to know more, it is worthwhile reading this piece in The Age from May 2011.

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  1. Great post. Great video. Eye-opening stuff…

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