Climate Change Debate is Now Officially Over

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Yesterday I was pointed to a video titled “The Most Terrifying Video You Will Ever See“. While this video is now nearly 7 years old, the message it outs forward is even more relevant today than it was in 2007. The man who made the video, Greg Craven, has since turned this analysis of the problem of debating climate change into a book called “What’s the Worst That Could Happen? A Rational Response to the Climate Change Debate” which is available at Amazon. While I haven’t read the book, what the video shows is a simple way to show the problems associated with the climate change debate, and 4 of the possible outcomes of action on climate change versus inaction.

Some have compared this argument to a “Pascal’s Wager” fallacy of climate change, one where it’s best to take the route of least possible harm, and in a way I grant that comparison. The main difference here is that there is heaps of evidence for anthropogenic climate change, and zero for hell. The Pascal’s Wager idea falls flat when we can see firsthand the costs of environmental degradation on ecosystems, and the way the changes in the climate have changed the planet already.

While I wouldn’t call this video the most terrifying video I have ever seen, it certainly is a wake-up call for those in a position of denialism. Inaction in this case is not only foolish, given the fact that the jury is NOT out about anthropogenic climate change, but as the video points out, the outcomes of that scenario could be utterly catastrophic.

So which chance would you choose? Do nothing, just in case it’s a waste, or do something because all the signs point to that as the best approach?

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  1. I read the book; it’s great

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  2. I find the argument for and against climate change mildly amusing, but the argument is far from over, and everyone’s completely missing the point. Tho i don’t believe in any of these concepts, and happen to agree with George Carlin’s sentiment that “the world isn’t going anywhere but we are” I like moving the pieces around in my head. it passes the time. 

    This whole climate change thing can actually support an argument for directed panspermia, which again I don’t believe in but crazier things have happened. What if what happens here is consistent with what happens everywhere in the universe? Carbon based life may always eventually get to a point where it poisons or otherwise exhausts all the resources in its finite space, like say, an Earth-like planet. 

    I’m reminded of the fictional story of Superman’s origins. A world facing utter destruction has one lone voice of reason (Jor-El) who tries to convince the governing species of the planet that their world is doomed. He’s met with obstinate willful ignorance. Wanting to preserve his own genetic code as well as that of his species, he sends his only son (Kal-El aka Superman) away from the doomed Krypton and to a world he observes will provide ample security and resources. Without starting a religion about Kal-El based off nearly a century of written material, who is to say that hasn’t actually happened at least once in this universe? Perhaps that’s a common thing. I doubt it always brings about a Superman, but it could bring about a variety of possibilities.

    Perhaps many thousands of years ago, or millions, when the dinosaurs ruled this Earth, planets like Mars or Venus were far more habitable than they are today, but something went wrong and the governing species of those planets exhausted their resources. Venus looks curiously like the end result of a greenhouse effect gone horribly wrong. Mars looks like it might have had a great deal more water at one time, but was stripped of it by unknown, perhaps artificial means. Who is to say the last remnants of a society either on Mars or Venus rocketed one specimen of carbon based life to Earth, in the form of a very large rock like object that inadvertently destroyed the dinosaurs but allowed their genetic code to thrive over a long period of time? Maybe we’re the result of that. Or maybe that happened but failed, and we exist in spite of the attempt by Venusians and Marsians to survive their own folly. 

    And perhaps there’s one little microbe on one of those Voyager probes just now exiting our solar system, and that bacteria came from one of the engineers that put that thing together when he sneezed on it just before they packed it up in the rocket and sent it out into space, and hundreds of thousands of years from now that voyager probe will find itself crash onto an alien planet, and that one little microbe will somehow have survived the journey. To that microbe our folly will not matter. It will blissfully continue doing whatever microbes do. Life will go on. 

    My point is.. there are people ignoring climate change evidence at our peril. There are people who are not. I’m observing it all and looking at this from a much larger picture. People think human beings are doing something wrong. What if this IS our purpose? What if we are SUPPOSED to poison the planet? Just as colonies of insects till the soil and help flowers pollinate just by going about their daily lives doing what bugs do, who is to say our behavior, both bad and good, is all part of a very very large cycle of life that makes the entire universe work? Not something borne from any kind of intelligence. It’s just how things happen to be. It’s just what the universe does and what it is, and we’re a very small cog in its inner workings. Perhaps fighting climate change is only postponing the inevitable, like being a squeaky wheel. 

    Or not. I can’t prove any of this. Maybe we’ll survive global climate catastrophe by having offspring that can breathe smog and drink radioactive water. Crazier things have happened.

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  3. Martin, I was going to reply directly but never seem to have the time. So instead, a blog post of my own on the same topic from the other side:


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